Guessing Mustache #2 is Younger

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 28, 2010

At my age (close to 30-ish), I exist in this gray area between dating guys in their 30’s and guys in their 20’s. Typically, the distinction between the two is fairly apparent, but in LA, you can’t always be so certain.

In LA you have guys that dress in shorts and flip flops everyday, make lots of money working out of their home, have mature looking facial features and often suffer from Lost Boy syndrome. A guy like this could be 25 or 35 – especially since the eye wrinkles could be caused by too many months in the LA sun. adidas superstar soldes It’s easy to get confused.

With Mustache #2 (from last Monday’s night-o-karaoke) I can confidently say he is in his mid-twenties. Here are my clues:

Boy with Mustache Flannel

Clue #1: He invited me to smoke pot with the kitchen crew at the bar.

Clue #2: He asked me if the streak of blonde in my hair was natural. (But I’ll be honest, I get that from men of all ages)

Clue #3: All correspondence since karaoke night has been limited to text message. (Big clue, which we originally learned from The Texter)

Clue #4: He asked me to “hang out.” To be exact, he asked me if I wanted to “set up a writing sess this week.” (I had mentioned that I like to write in my spare time and I guess he went with that). I still haven’t figured out how to write a post about him while sitting next to him, but it looks like that is no longer an issue.

Clue #5: He stood me up.

To be fair, I can’t tell if I’ve been stood up or if i just didn’t know how to read his text-message code. Let’s take a look:

After we picked Sunday for our writing sess, and I asked him, via text of course, to tell me the time and place. mu legend zen I anticipated a response like, “Starbuck’s on [insert street] at 2 PM” but this is what I got:

“Sunday it is at esh and [mustache #1]’s place.” (I’ll give you a chance to read that over a few times)

Interesting. adidas chaussures So now this is a group writing sess with mustache #1 (who has also asked me to “hang out”) and some person named “esh.” (group hang out = Clue #6)

When I asked what time, he texted “Early afternoon works best.” (No set time = Clue #7 ).

His responses left a little to be desired in regards to answers to my questions, but I assumed the details would be texted at some point this weekend.

So here we are, Sunday at 3:30 PM with no follow-up texts and no group hang out. Can’t say I’m heartbroken, but I think it’s clear that I’ve been stood up.

How we met

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 8, 2009

“ did you two meet?” – This might be the most common question asked of couples.

I’ve also heard the term “meet cute” as a phrase for the way that couples meet in movies (OK, so I’m referencing The Holiday, is that a problem?). Well, you KNOW that most girls, in particular, love telling these cute stories.

When I was with my last boyfriend, I dreaded that question. Not sure you can blame me. I mean, how would you feel if your boyfriend had been so drunk that he didn’t actually remember meeting you, but woke up the next morning and the only two things he could remember from the day before were your name and phone number? Impressive, maybe, but not what I would call a “meet cute.”

Well, things might be turning around for me…

A few weeks ago my team from work was leaving early to get drinks on a Friday afternoon. I was in charge of texting everyone the location and time. When putting together the mass text, I realized that I had two numbers for one girl, who also happens to be from my hometown. The numbers were only one digit off (clearly a typo) and so I figured the only option was to include both numbers on the invite and see which one she replies to.

I received a response, but not from my friend. It was from the wrong number and said: “Who is this?”

I replied, “Sorry, wrong number. I’ll delete”

My mystery texter replied, “No prob. funny I actually live by that restaurant.”

WHAT?! This is truly strange. I mean, this wrong number has an area code for a city in Michigan almost 2,000 miles away. What are the chances that I would type a wrong phone number and accidentally contact someone from my home town that now lives practically around the block?

Clearly this mystery individual is the man of my dreams and this will be our “how we met” story – The Best “How We Met” Story Ever.

So I sent the following, “Strange! You’re welcome to join. I’m guessing your from Michigan…me too.”

Reply: “Ha. thanks but at work. Yeah maybe we do know each other lol. Watching U-M alum game at [local bar] tomorrow…”

OK. seriously. This is clearly a hunky, tall, mid-west engineer that went to Michigan and moved here after college. He’s probably getting sick of the “LA Girls” that he keeps taking out to sushi and is looking for a displaced, meat-eating, mid-west girl to settle down with. We can live on the West side, go hiking on Saturdays and travel back to Michigan for all of the holidays, where our two extended families will pile into the same house and sing songs around the piano. Our mothers will become fast friends and travel back and forth to LA together, sharing a hotel room to avoid imposing on us in our beach house, which is quaint, but has personalty.

So now I just need to know his name. I send, “Cool. My name is [my name] BTW.”

The reply: “I’m Laurie. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime!”


…I have a feeling she was just as disappointed as I was. I should have known that only a girl would use lol via text.

The Friend Zone

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
August 3, 2009

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I struggle with telling someone that it’s not working out. My friends (both girls and guys) make it sound so easy; “just don’t call/text him back,” “be honest and tell him you don’t see it going anywhere.” Well, as we learned with The Texter, the former doesn’t necessarily work. Let’s take a stab at the latter.

I was seeing this guy and after a few decent dates, we were hanging out and watching TV and he kissed me. I allowed it to continue while I pondered what I was going to say. Now, I’m not saying that this was a light-bulb-over-the-head moment, but here’s how it went…

I stopped him and (fairly awkwardly) told him that for some reason, in my mind, he was in “the friend zone.” I told him that I couldn’t put a finger on why…I just knew it was how I felt.

It was honest, well intentioned and straight to the point. Success? Not quite sure…

After telling me that he understood, there was a fair amount of silence and then he unexpectedly lunged at me with an overly passionate kiss – which I’m guessing was an attempt at literally climbing out of the figurative friend zone.

I stopped him and suggested that maybe I should call him a cab. Apparently, he had interpreted my rejection as some sort of dating challenge(?). I was very confused. Even more so when he attempted the same lunge move two more times before the cab arrived.

The search for an effective, but kind, brush-off continues…

The Waiter Friend

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
June 23, 2009

In LA, most people have friends that are actors. The actors are typically “up-and-coming” and therefore, also waiters. Transitive property would lead to: most people in LA have friends that are waiters (I apologize, servers).

I should not have been surprised with The Texter (whose persistence finally got me on a first date) took me to a restaurant where a friend of his just happened to be our server. I can’t really blame him, since I came to learn over the dinner that not only has Texter only lived in LA for one year but he is only one year out of college (dear God). I give him props for finding a way to take a date to a nice restaurant affordably.

Texter was pretty sly about it, I will admit. He had given me two options for dinner and I had chosen this particular restaurant over the other. When asked if he had friends at both restaurants, he said no, and emphasized that this was “less of a friend” and more of “an acquaintance.”

As I came to learn, having your date’s acquaintance as a waiter can be a good or bad thing, depending on how well you like your date. For example, had I liked Texter, the extra tasting of wine before the meal, complimentary dessert and then surprise nightcap drink after dessert would have been a delightful way to spend a long, conversation-filled first date. Since our conversation was riddled with pauses followed by filler, such as “where do your siblings live?” I would have to say that the waiter friend freebies made for one loooong dinner.

That same night, when Texter tried to befriend me on Facebook, I found on his open Facebook page that his serving “acquaintance” was in 50%-75% of his posted pictures.

The Texter

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
June 22, 2009

There are some that believe texting has no role in dating. I am not one of those people. I think that texting with a potential dater can be fun, sexy and can take the place of some awkward or unnecessary phone conversations. That said, there are no rules when it comes to “Dater Texting” and that became clear to me last week.

I had met this guy in San Francisco on my birthday and as it turned out, we are both from LA. By the time I met him, I had had one too many birthday drinks and I was being very…”approachable.” I knew off the bat that he was not my type. Two years younger, too pretty and too “fresh out of the small-town” life.

The next say, I received text #1: “Feeling better?”

My friends advised me not to answer. “If you’re not interested in him, do NOT answer that text. He’ll get the hint.”

Eight hours later, text #2: “…Hey maybe meet up this wkend? If not in LA?” – Again, I was strongly advised to ignore.

Three days later, text #3: “Hey! I was hoping we could maybe get together this wkend. I will call u later this week.” – I stayed true to the plan and did not reply, even though I felt borderline rude. My friend’s were rather convincing that there must be something wrong with him if two ignored texts are not a big enough hint.

Two days later, text #4: “Party in brentwood 2morrow night. Don’t reply if you want to go.”

My conscience, and his unexpected sense of humor got the better of me. I replied: “Ok, ok. That was funny. I do appreciate your persistence, but I’m not sure about meeting up. This weekend is not good for me.”

His answer, text #5: “Ha! Ok. I just wanted a response” – Hmmm, did he get the hint?

No. One hour later text #6: “U don’t want to meet up this weekend or at all?”