A sweaty first impression

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 21, 2010

In my attempt to simmer down about the date, I left work a little later than I should have. classic short womens ugg boots When I got home, I only had only 5 minutes to re-apply make-up and get out the door. Lebron James I had chosen a location that I could walk to, which means I should have left time to actually walk there – a detail I did not realize until I got home at 7:45 for my 8 PM date taking place 3 1/2 blocks away.

I had planned on changing clothes but with only 5 minutes to get ready I had to make the executive decision to leave my outfit as is (”outfit” being a very loose term) and focus on my face. I finished make-up at 7:54 and got a text message from him saying, “hey there. Just got here. no rush.”

Damn. UGG Kids Outlet I grabbed my purse and jacket and I started out down the street.

Now – I don’t know about you, but when I know that someone is waiting on me, my adrenaline kicks in and I pick up the pace…sometimes by a lot. If I’m being honest with you, I ran half way there. BIG mistake.

By the time I got there and sat down I felt pretty hot – and not in the good way. It came to my attention within the first two minutes that I my face was sweating. Unfortunately for me, it came to his attention to.

“Did you run here?”

“No. ugg classic mini sale Well…not really. I may have been speed walking. new balance 1600 I just…knew that you were already here…and…ok. I did run a little bit. You know what? I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick and…ah…wash my hands.”

If you’re hoping that this situation came off as endearing, I can assure you, it didn’t. Nothing looks more eager and desperate than running to your blind date.

When I walked into the bathroom a girl asked me if it was raining outside. I wish I had taken a picture of her face when I explained to her that the drops of water on my forehead were sweat.

Girl in the bathroom: “Oh. nike air max 2016 It’s not that bad. You’re not here with a boy are you?”

S. A. G.: “Ahhhh”

Girl in the bathroom: “Oh dear. cheap ugg boots uk Let me help you.”

She then preceded to wet a paper towel and pat my forehead. When she was done she said, “That’s better. The good news is, you smell good. That’s all that really matters.”

I spent the remainder of the date trying to recover and be “cool” but it’s safe to say that “cool” was not going to be an option last night. Shortly after I sat down again, he asked me which small plates I would like to share and I accidentally over-explained why I don’t eat cheese/dairy. asics cheap You know your elderly relative who launches into detailed explanations of digestive problems? It sounded something like that.

I’m not sure if sweaty and gassy are qualities that are going to have this guy beating down my door.

It’s rough out there

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
May 7, 2010

Two weeks ago, when I arrived 4 minutes late for the sweaty blind date, I found my date standing up at a nearby table talking with two girls. I didn’t think too much of it at first, but when we sat down he told me that they were inviting him to sit with them because it looked as though he had been stood up. Sheesh. Can’t a girl leave a cute guy waiting for 5 minutes without two single-girl vultures swooping in? It’s getting pretty brutal out here for us single girls.

Well, last night, I attended a Cinco De Mayo singles dating event and it became clear to me that almost losing my date to two girls at the bar was just scraping the surface of  the competitive dating scene in Los Angeles. It’s one thing to be on eHarmony meeting guys and knowing that they are meeting other girls on eHarmony as well. It’s quite another to all be in the same room together.

That said, I learned last night that the #1 girl in the way of my own dating prowess, is me.

The event was a casual “group date” with an even number of girls and boys and an interactive activity to break-the-ice. Last night’s activity was margarita mixing and it took place at an art gallery.

I walked in right on time (BTW – I’ll be on-the-nose from now on) and there were two other girls there. They both looked me up and down immediately. I’m thinking I got a little nervous – always a big mistake.

Girl #1: I like your…(one more up-and-down glance)…shirt.

S.A.G: Thank you. Actually, it’s a wool tunic (with a smile).

Girl #1 (straight faced): I don’t understand.

S.A.G.: I was just joking…I think it’s funny…to wear a wool tunic…and to say “wool tunic”…nevermind.

Girl #1 and Girl #2 turn to each other and start talking and ignore me completely.

Later, while mixing margaritas I spilled a bunch of agave (very sticky) and then I dropped a glass on the floor. The music might as well have come to a screeching halt. THEN I dropped a metal margarita shaker top. Again, no breakage, but it was just as loud. Come on, S.A.G.

Then I made the mistake of telling a divorce joke…to a group of singles at a dating event.

It was originally told by a man on his fifth marriage (I heard it 3rd hand). He tells younger guys that they shouldn’t get married, just find a woman they don’t like and buy her a house.

Yeah. Crickets.

Wrong audience maybe?

At this point, the other girls were probably thinking about the following quote: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

So once the margarita making was over, we headed across the street and something fairly shocking happened, considering.

As soon as we got there, one of the cuter guys at the event – who happens to own a sail boat – pulled me aside and said, “Hey. I have not had enough to eat. Are you hungry?”

S.A.G.: I can always eat.

(Seriously, S.A.G. What is wrong with you?)

Cute Guy with a Boat: “Would you want to get a table and grab some food with me?”

Now. This was my first singles dating event, but I’m pretty sure I had just achieved the ultimate outcome for a competitive dater at a singles dating event: the request for “alone time.” Isn’t that what the girl’s on The Bachelor are always fighting for – aside from a rose? I was half expecting some other girl from the event to come over half way through the meal and ask to “steal” Cute Guy with a Boat away.

Happily, that didn’t happen. We just sat there and shared small plates.

So – there you have it. I may have dropped multiple bar items on the floor and told jokes that resulted in dead silence, but I survived my first singles dating event with”alone time” and a request for a 2nd date.

I feel like I should have come home with a rose.