Note to self: Other people are important too

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 6, 2010


I am the baby of my family.

(I’m pretty sure I just heard all the first-sibling readers grumble “that figures” under their breath)

Well, air jordan 1 as most people with youngest siblings know, adidas originals the baby is typically the center of attention – which we love. adidas zx 750 adidas y3 And while it can be a lot of pressure to deliver a stellar “performance” at every family meal, I take my baby-sister role very seriously and often execute with gusto. I’m pretty sure my sister and brother are so used to this by now that they just sit there waiting for me to do/say something entertaining, outrageous or stupid. air jordan spizike Or maybe they are sitting there praying that I won’t.

I’m realizing, however, that I have a tendency to get a little carried away and when you’re not around your older siblings, cheap jordans uk for sale the “all attention on me” show can come off as embarrassingly self-centered.

For instance, on my last date with 1st eHarmony Date Guy, new balance 446 I sat down and instantly got into an excited monologue about my new apartment. I went on and on about the hardwood floors, cabinet space and jalousie windows (which are so cool, btw). legend zen for sale He was a great audience and kept fantastic focus as I shared iPhone pictures of every last corner and went into excruciating detail about negotiating with the landlord and how I was justifying the expense, etc. etc. mu legend zen This show and tell went on for probably 20 minutes and looking back, I’m not positive that I gave him a chance to comment or even ask a question.

Wait. That wasn’t lobster?

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 15, 2010

Omakase [oh mah kah say] is the Japanese term for “chef’s choice” when you’re ordering sushi. I learned a few years ago that if you sit at the sushi bar and say this to the sushi chef, he will serve you all of his favorite dishes of day. cheap nike air max shoes In my previous experience, ordering this way guarantees that you will have a great assortment of fresh sushi, sashimi and rolls. The chef knows best, naturally.

A few months ago, I was out on a date with 1st eHarmony Date Guy and we were up at the sushi bar. air jordan uk I suppose I was showing off a bit by ordering Omakase, but I wanted to share my vast experience with sushi. My date looked fairly hesitant.

So we order and all is well. We get a decent assortment and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. ugg classic short boots I recall at one point in the night, we see the chef hand a bowl with two lobster heads in to one of the kitchen staff. oakley radar path We both see the heads but don’t say anything. I remember thinking that the heads probably need to be disposed of elsewhere and that’s why they were handed to the kitchen staff.

No more than 10 minutes later, those two heads were “disposed of” at our table and their eyes were staring us right in the face. The lobster heads are now fried and the chef is presenting them to us as the final course of the meal.

Now. ugg bailey bow for sale I’m the jackass-know-it-all that ordered Omakase, so I’m not at liberty to make a face, let alone turn them away. And poor 1st eHarmony Date Guy is a boy, so he’s not allowed to turn down any food challenge – especially one presented to him, unintentionally, by his date.

So we listen to the chef as he explains that we are supposed to hold the head by it’s mouth-o-tentacles, bite into the back of the head and suck out the brains. Did I mention that the eyes are still on the head?

I’m more or less freaking out at this point, but I’m trying to “act cool.” 1st eHarmony Date Guy goes first and he keeps his flinching to a minimum, so I somehow get the courage to take a bite of my head. (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just thinking about it).

I held it down by telling myself, “This is a delicacy. It’s a lobster head. This is probably some people’s favorite dish.” I’m not going to lie to you. It was fairly horrifying.

Cut to this past Saturday.

I’m hanging out with 1st eHarmony Date Guy and a few of his friends at a concert (BTW, we still hang out from time to time). air jordan kids Somehow the story comes up and I take the lead in telling it. I’m building up to the punchline and I say “fried lobster heads” and 1st eHarmony Date Guy interrupts me with, “wait a second, hold on there…those were no lobster heads my dear.”

S.A.G. new balance shoes “What? Yes they were.”

1st eHarmony Date Guy (full-on laughing at me): “I saw the bill that night and I can promise you, there were no charges for lobster on that bill. Those were crustacean heads of some sort. Definitely not lobster.”

S.A.G. (mid gag reflex): “Oh man. That makes it SO much worse for some reason…”

1st eHarmony Date Guy: “I know…it was terrifying. lobster…ha.”

I suppose that’s what I get for showing off on a date.

I looked it up online and sure enough, they were shrimp heads. Fried shrimp heads. I was going to include a picture for the post, but honestly I can’t look at the picture long enough to post it. adidas pure boost I’ll let you look that one up for yourself.

To date, or not to date.

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
February 2, 2010


Last week I had to have “the talk” with 3 different guys, and let me tell you, it has me seriously considering a self-imposed ban on dating.

It would be one thing if I were going out with guys that had a similar appetite for dating: Go out, have fun, enjoy each other’s company and see where we go. But, as it happens, the guys who approach me are serious about being serious, and it doesn’t seem to matter if we are, in fact, a good match.

Confusing-Name Guy and I finally came to a head last weekend when it became clear that I was driving him to that edge of dating-insanity that girls are typically credited for.  After ignoring a phone call from him at 7:30 PM (I had just arrived to a concert) he followed-up with two long text messages at 10:30 PM (I was still at the concert), expressing his confusion and frustration with my request that we “dial it back” – which you may remember was triggered by his offer to monogamously date after only three dates.

Mind you, if a girl were to call a dater and then text him the next day (let alone three hours later) with “I’ve been cool with backing off, but I feel weird and confused…I’m not angry…just a little lost…“, she would be tagged as crazy and would never receive a return call. I called him immediately for the talk.

Then I had to write an awkward email to a co-worker explaining that I’m not into inner-office dating. This is the guy that eHarmony embarrassingly matched me up with my first day on the site. Apparently he had been hurt when I closed the match and thought we should at least see why we were matched up in the first place.

But the biggest bummer was 1st eHarmony Date Guy. Here’s a guy that I really enjoyed spending time with, but knew it could only last so long. For him, the length of time was four dates, with the final date being this past weekend. We went out and had fun, but when he dropped me off and received nothing more than a hug and a “talk with you soon,” (which was my attempt not to lead him into relationship territory) I believe he had reached his limit. He called me 30 minutes later for the “where is this going” talk.

And so, there we have it. Maybe it’s just not nice to go out on dates when you’re not looking for a boyfriend. Or, maybe I should only accept dates with guys that instantly reverse my dating meter from “not looking” to “how you doin’.”

I’m going to give this some more thought and I’m open to your suggestions.

Should I continue dating? – That’s assuming I ever get asked out again after this week of bad-dating juju.

My Bad. Sorry 1st eHarmony Date Guy.

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
January 15, 2010

I went out on my first eHarmony date this week and I must admit, it was a great date. He did everything right. He texted me to say that he was parking and would be a few minutes late, he had tons of questions to keep the conversation going and he didn’t even fall for my “money move,” which entails the following: I get to the restaurant a few minutes early, sit at the bar, buy a drink, put my card down, and leave it open. Then when he gets there, I suggest that we have a drink before sitting down for dinner. Before we get up from the bar, I sign out my tab and there you have it – I’ve bought the first round of drinks. Guys typically like this and I feel pretty sly, but this guy was not having it. He handed the bartender his card and said, “I know that she gave you her card, but please put the drinks on my card.”

Now, since I’m not familiar with the eHarmony dating etiquette, I made the assumption that browsing his profile in advance of the date was probably a good idea – to have thoughtful questions on tap to fend off awkward silences. But when it came time for me to ask the questions, I couldn’t find a good way to bring them up without it being an obvious profile stalker. So I came clean. The conversation went something like this:

S.A.G.: I have a confession to make. I read your profile before coming here tonight so the next couple of topics I’m about to bring up are pulled directly from there (I can see now as I’m typing this how insane I sound, btw).

1st eHarmony Date Guy: Wow, confessions already. I’m impressed, I think.

S.A.G.: Well, I can’t help it. I’m completely incapable of withholding information, or lying for that matter. (with the exception of maybe this blog)

1st eHarmony Date Guy: That doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me.

S.A.G.: Just wait until I tell you something that you really don’t want to hear.

1st eHarmony Date Guy: What, like you hate my sweater?

S.A.G.: No! I like your sweater, in fact I think I have the same one. I mean…


1st eHarmony Date Guy (laughing and a little ebarrassed): I’m pretty sure that’s worse.


S.A.G. (backpedaling and speaking at hyper-speed): You should know that my sweater is more than likely a man’s sweater and looks horrible on me – way too big and boxy, I swear…


There was really no taking it back, and I’m pretty sure telling your date that you share the same taste in clothing (actual items of clothing, as it were) is a bad move on a first date. Sorry 1st eHarmony Date guy.


Mans sweaterWomen's sweater2