Nobody Likes a Whiner

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 22, 2011

When I finished writing at the bar last Saturday night, it was about 10 PM. air jordan 5 By then, I was two beers in, the crowd was starting to pick up and I figured one drink – and some socializing – at the bar was entirely appropriate. I took a peek at the available stools and saw two options: one in-between two groups of girls and one next to a single-looking guy in a flannel shirt.

I asked flannel shirt if the seat was taken. air max 2016 He said no and smiled. From that point on, it was on. ugg mens outlet We were non-stop chatter. I learned that he is a marine biologist, an avid sports fan and a beer connoisseur – aka, beach sports bar patron, but I let it slide.

We chatted for over an hour and one drink quickly turned into two, or maybe more. It was hard to keep track because the bartender (and friend of the marine biologist) kept refilling our glasses. nike air max 1 Marine Biologist guy asked how I was still single and kept complimenting me on random things – like how my hair was flipping in different directions. adidas pas cher adidas originals He eventually asked if I would go out him sometime and I said I would.

Around midnight, the bartender asked if we wanted to go out with him to a different bar.

S.A.G.: We could go to Karaoke just around the corner!

(at least I’m predictable)

They agreed and the next thing you know I’m singing Joss Stone and 80’s ballads with my new-found friends. We were having good clean, but drunk, fun.

But, when it was time to leave, Marine Biologist Guy became rather predictable himself.

Marine Biologist Guy: So where is your house?

S.A.G.: Ha. You’re not coming home with me. adidas x 16.3 You’re a stranger.

Marine Biologist Guy (looking offended): What? But we just hung out all night.

S.A.G.: Yes. And I said I would hang out with you another time, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with you coming over tonight.

Marine Biologist Guy: Come on. You know it will be amazing and then I’ll buy you breakfast tomorrow.

Really? Do I know it will be amazing? Which part, I wonder. Having a stranger in my house, let alone my bed, in the middle of the night?

Also, is a free breakfast supposed to persuade me? Is this a new tactic guys are using? I mean, I know that brunch is a big deal in Santa Monica, but sitting hungover in broad daylight with some guy I brought home last night sounds rather horrific. adidas eqt Certainly not worth the $20 I would be saving.

I turned down his offer and then he did something I have very rarely seen a grown man do. adidas homme He threw his hands up in the air, shouted, “I can’t believe this!” and then stormed down the street. asics gel nimbus 18 soldes I called out his name and he didn’t respond. I tried again…”[Marine Biologist Guy]!…are you serious?” It was clear he was ignoring me.

So, this beach sports bar patron was officially throwing a temper tantrum because I wouldn’t let him come home with me. Well…If I didn’t want him before…

The whole thing was surreal. adidas nmd adidas zx flux I felt like I had just had a fight with a boyfriend I had just met. I’m sure he expected me to run after him, but I let him go. He had not gotten my phone number, and that was fine by me.

Emotional outburst from a grown man within four hours of meeting = Red Flag.


P.S. charles oakley jersey Since I know some male reader is going to ask..No, he did not buy me any drinks.


5 Responses to “Nobody Likes a Whiner”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Wow…wish I was there to see that outburst! Great blog btw! Been following it right around the time you started going on the eharmony dates. I was testing the waters with eharmony myself around that time too and was searching for other people’s experiences.

  2. OyVeyMaria Says:

    What is wrong with guys?! I mean honestly, why is it that it would be expected that just because you spent a few hours with him you would want to go home with him? BOOO! And I love that you were buying your own drinks, classy gentleman.

  3. Maggie Says:

    Well-done. Especially, because this post has brought back memories for me, and when I say memories, I mean two weeks ago.

  4. Rose Says:

    I’m so very proud of you S.A.G, for not putting the drinks on the man, before he asked you out.It’s very smart of you and certainly playing it safe.

    any man who acts like this better hire a prostitute than date women, because he thinks if he buys breakfast, he is entitled to sleep with women he just met. I can’t even describe the anger I feel for him.

  5. DG Says:

    Just wanted to drop by, I love your blog! Kinda sounds like you don’t need Marine Biologist anyway ;)