Fresh Meet

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 14, 2011

True to my word, I went to the “Fresh Meet” event at a local bar last Sunday night. I figured, I need to meet some new, fresh people. louboutin soldes escarpins Why not? I thought it was a little odd that it started at 10 PM on a Sunday night, but didn’t let it stop me. I passed the time with a typical Sunday night routine: Laundry and movie on TV. In this case, the movie was Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

I tore myself away from the movie at 9:45 and walked over to the bar. As I handed my ID to the bouncer, I noticed a confused look on his face, but it didn’t hit me until after I walked in why. Turns out “Fresh Meet” was not a mingling mixer for singles in my neighborhood. It was a Hip-Hop/Rap amateur night and I stuck out like a sore, very pale, thumb.

I’m always down for live music (and couldn’t possibly leave within the first 15 seconds) so I b-lined to the bar, took a seat and ordered a glass of wine. I told myself, “One glass – back to Monsters Inc.”

I sat alone at the bar for about 10 minutes but then was joined by the only other pale thumb in the bar – a girl, also alone.

She and I started talking and it turns out we both had come alone to “Fresh Meet” and both were surprised that it was not what we expected. So we took the opportunity to get to know each other. Unfortunately, she can’t be a designated new single friend because she was just visiting LA for the week, but she and I did have good conversation over a couple drinks and the next thing I knew I was getting home at 12 AM on a Sunday night.

I started thinking about my venture to meet new people. While going solo to aptly-named events on a Sunday night is adventurous, it’s probably not the most strategic plan. I need to find people in my life who I don’t currently hang out with, but appear to be fun and have fun friends. The first person to come to mind was my yoga instructor.

Why would I think asking my male yoga instructor to hang out is a good idea?

Aside from being attractive, he has a great energy, always remembers me and chats me up after class. Also – I’m pretty sure he waved (?) to me in class one day by pointing his index finger up next to his face and curling it while mouthing “hi” (similar to middle school girl saying “hi” to another middle school girl). Point being, I think he might want to hang out with me too. mu legend zen for sale Even if he likes boys, which is always a possibility in this town…and at yoga.

Genius plan! (thank you bartender for pouring such “healthy” glasses of wine)

I went to his website, clicked on “contact me” and found a few of different email addresses to contact him through. One was dedicated to Yoga, and the others were dedicated to his other projects, etc. There was one that said, “For a good time email me at…”

I immediately clicked on that email link and wrote this little diddy…

Hi [Yoga Instructor],

[S.A.G.] here. Here’s the situation. I have a feeling we would have fun if we hung out, outside of [yoga studio name]. I realize this looks like a come-on by one of your yoga students, but the reality is, I don’t come across that many people in this city that appear to be fun. You, as it turns out, have a special email address dedicated to “a good time.”

So, if you want to go for a coffee, a drink, or a hike let me know. If not. All good. I’ll see you in class – assuming I don’t avoid you after sending this.

- [S.A.G.]

I pressed send and was very pleased with myself. 7 hours later I woke up. Less pleased. More mortified. More praying the email was picked up as spam.

A week has gone by and I can tell you, it wasn’t. baskets adidas zx 750 The rest, however, I’ll have to tell you later.


5 Responses to “Fresh Meet”

  1. Leigh Says:

    This looked like a distracting 60-second read, so I sat down at the computer with a mouthful of Listerine. Big mistake. Mouthwash is NOT comfortable in your nose. The phrase “Hip-Hop/Rap amateur night” triggered the stifled spit-take.

  2. Rose Says:

    Wow ! Interesting meeting the girl at “Fresh Meet ” .

    I’m told it looks like a come-on if you specifically write, ” you may think this is a come-on, but it’s not ! ” :-)

    Oh S.A.G, I wish I met you to chat up with you, then I’d go real vivid about strange yoga instructors that I met so far, just meeting them up after classes ! None of those were experiences to cherish for sure. If you still want to read about them, I’ll write you ! How ’bout that ?

  3. Rose Says:

    oh S.A.G ! Can’t wait for next part !!!

    BTW, did you still go to the yoga class for 7 days, after you sent that email ? Because the email hinted you’d be awkward if you were in class. I’m curious of how those 7 days went for you ?

  4. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Hi Rose! Sorry to leave you hanging! I promise to update very soon. More hours in the day, please. Please don’t be fooled by my yoga talk. I do not go everyday. I have gone, just not to his class.

  5. Rose Says:

    S.A.G ! Thank you for your posts ! :-)

    Really ? You don’t make it everyday for the yoga classes ! My friend, Please don’t miss them ever !

    Not only do they make you strong from within and your muscles flexible, but they relieve you of PMS, and cramps that follow after PMS , and they’ll also help women ease their pregnancy ( later in life ) if you practice yoga daily !

    Trust me, you’ll also look atleast 5 years younger just by practicing yoga for an hour everyday !

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