Blind Date Wedding

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 15, 2011

My best friend since I was 5 lives in San Fransisco and her fiance (she’s one of my 7 weddings this Summer) has this friend from work who had a wedding to go to in South Orange County 2 weeks ago. He knew he wanted to take a date because the wedding was going to be all couples, but he and the girl he’d been seeing broke it off 2 weeks before the wedding.

About a week before the wedding, he asked my friend’s fiance, if he knew any girls in Los Angeles that would want to go with him.

Friend’s fiance: You should take [SAG]! She would be a fun wedding date and not clingy. She loves talking to strangers.

After one witty email exchange, one phone call, a fair amount of Facebook stalking and some texting, I found myself driving down to San Clemente on a Friday afternoon for a weekend-away wedding, where I would not know anyone – including my date. Why go down on Friday for a Saturday night wedding, you ask? Oh…well, because my blind date was also in the wedding so naturally I agreed to attend the rehearsal dinner as well.

I suppose it sounds a little bonkers to go to on a blind date to a destination wedding, but I found it impossible to turn down. Aside from my piqued interest in meeting a guy who would bring a blind date to a wedding, I was hooked as soon as he referred to himself as “Blind Date Wedding Guy” in his first email to me. Since he doesn’t know about the blog, I figured that alone was reason enough to accept the invitation.

He called me as I was driving down to let me know that he was on his way to the rehearsal, but had left a key for me at the front desk so I could get ready in his room. Apparently the hotel was right next to the rehearsal dinner location. I told him that was thoughtful, but wouldn’t be necessary, since I was staying with a girlfriend’s parents and planned to get ready there.

In true S.A.G. style…apparently it would be necessary. I grossly misjudged a quick excursion to Sephora and found myself in Friday night Orange County traffic. Now that I was officially going to be late to the rehearsal dinner I decided getting ready in his room was my best option. My goal was to get there before everyone sat down to dinner to avoid having entire wedding party witness the first few awkward moments of our blind date.

So there I was…getting ready in his hotel room. I started to laugh as I stood in the shower, staring at a pair of his board shorts hanging up to dry on the shower curtain. Am I really sharing a shower with a guy before meeting him? (and man, he must be tall).

Finally ready, I called his cell while walking to dinner and asked that he come outside to meet me. As fun as it sounded to walk around the rehearsal dinner asking guys, “are you [blind date wedding guy]?” I decided we should avoid unnecessary awkward moments whenever possible this weekend.

We met outside (he was really tall), shared some pleasantries and B lined for the bar. While we waited for our drinks, he stopped me mid-sentence and asked me to smile. adidas zx flux pas cher When I did, he took his pointer finger and picked something off my front tooth.

Blind Date Wedding Guy: There. got it!

S.A.G.: (mortified) Awesome.

Yes. That’s right. He picked food from my teeth two minutes after meeting me. That has got to be a record. Clearly, he’s amazing. Clearly, I’m a mess.

S.A.G.: What’s really embarrassing is that I ate like 4 hours ago….Anywho, do you know where we’re sitting? I’d like to throw my purse down.

Blind Date Wedding Guy: Yes I do. Oh, and by the way. chaussures adidas I forgot to mention. This weekend your name is Catherine. I guess one week wasn’t enough time for them to update the place cards.

Blind Date Wedding

That first interchange really set the tone for the rest of the weekend…

He introduced me to his good friend and his girlfriend and when they asked me where I was staying, I said, “I’m staying at my friend’s parents’ house tonight. They’re expecting me at some point tonight, but we decided that tomorrow night was up-for-grabs. (awkward pause) Did I just say that out loud? I mean…since we might be out really late it might make more sense to just crash…you know what I mean…is it hot in here?”

Then during the bride’s brother’s toast, I unintentionally started to tear-up (it was really sweet). Blind Date Wedding Guy caught me and laughed. “You do realize you haven’t even met the bride yet.”

As we were eating dinner I started chatting with the married couple next to us. They told me that they met in LA, got married and still live in West Hollywood.

“Oh interesting. So people really do meet and get married in LA,” I said (jokingly).

The wife: Do you find it hard to date in LA?

S.A.G.: I’m on a blind date right now. I’m going to go ahead and say yes.

The weekend was full on conversations like that. Everyone was fascinated with the “blind date couple.” They wanted to talk about how “crazy” we were and kept checking in to ask, “how’s it going so far?” We even had a scary number of people say, “you are going to have the best ‘how we met’ story if this works out.” Second to the bride and groom, my date and I were practically celebrities for the weekend.

You see, on a typical blind date, the only people who know about the blind date are the individuals actually on the date (and perhaps their waitress). In this scenario, everyone at the wedding was in on it. It felt like we were on a reality dating show and we were mingling with the audience.

As for Blind Date Wedding Guy, he was a really great date – thoughtful, funny, attentive and attractive. It was cool to see him interact with his friends, their wives and parents. It was obvious that everyone really liked him. Good egg.

Since we don’t live in the same city, it’s possible that our “relationship” ended when the wedding did. That said, we have been texting, so maybe not. Either way, I’m glad I decided to go.

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4 Responses to “Blind Date Wedding”

  1. Adam Sandler Says:

    Something tells me you’re leaving out some details from Saturday night

  2. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Yes. I may have “yadda, yadda, yadda’d” over that part.

  3. Ashlie Says:

    THIS IS FREAKING HILARIOUS… Could be a good idea for a movie.

  4. Nt Says:

    Better than fiction! Call the movie Blind DateWedding Guy.