Fresh Meet continued

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
March 21, 2011

Continued from Fresh Meet

I spent the entire next day second guessing my decision to email my yoga instructor in the middle of the night and suggest we hang out. On one hand, I was mortified for inappropriately crossing the yoga instructor/yogi line (whatever that is) and for doing so at 12:30 AM on a Sunday night. On the other, I thought the email might be genius. Maybe I was doing him a favor. Clearly he wants to hang out, but can’t approach me because of his yoga instructor code-of-ethics.

My girlfriends don’t believe there is such a code, but it helps me to think there is.

As the hours ticked by I became less and less sure of my decision. “Go spam filter!”

Then, just before I left work, I received the following email from Yoga Instructor Guy:

Hi there,

A good time – yes, really. Although I can only guarantee it for myself. Anyone else is on their own.

I do have to agree though, I have the same feeling we would have fun if we hung out outside of that place. I don’t think your email address is exclusively dedicated to it, but you do seem quite fun yourself.

I was thinking some Irish coffee while on a hike, but that hasn’t worked out for me in the past. A drink sounds great though, preferably during and/or after some food. I’m in. You seem the one with a bit more packed up schedule, let me know when works for you, I’m usually pretty flexible. Talk to you soon.

- [Yoga Instructor Guy]


I replied (probably too soon) with:

Phew. So morning classes are not out of the question. Happy to hear that.

This week is actually pretty mellow. You should know I only hype up my schedule so that you and the other instructors don’t think I’m being lazy when I only make it twice a week. How about Thursday? You pick the place ?

P.S. Did you intentionally use the phrase “I’m flexible”? Hope so.

- [S.A.G.]

So, horrible idea or not, it was official. I was going out with Yoga Instructor Guy. Also – this means I am 2-for-2 in asking guys out. Remember Cute Guy with a Puppy? Let’s just hope this guy isn’t a cast-off from Real World/Road Rules Challenge.


2 Responses to “Fresh Meet continued”

  1. Rose Says:

    Wow ! Cool ! He sounds intelligent ( from the email ). He doesn’t guarantee his dates will have a good time ( who really can ? ), but he sounds confident he will ! That’s pretty smart !

    I’ve a question though ? Did he reply after 1 week ( your last post says so ). In this post, you said only say a few hours gone by before your work on monday ?

    LOL about you mentioning about the “flexible” term again ! God, yoga instructors are very flexible, aren’t they ? Perhaps, that’s part of what makes ‘em attractive !

    I can’t wait for the continuation ! I wish it goes great ! Have fun S.A.G !

  2. David (Keep It Up, David) Says:

    After reading that reply, I want to go out with Yoga Instructor Guy! You lookin’ for a third wheel?