Part 1: Cute Guy with a Puppy

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
December 24, 2010

The morning after the bad blind date (The Easy Out) I’ll admit I was feeling a little down. The idea that such a dorky guy would have wanted an easy out from me was minorly upsetting and was likely the motivation behind this next scenario:

That same morning, I was walking through a farmers market with My Particular and Brutal Friend and I saw the cutest albino pit bull puppy of all time. I was drawn to it like a traffic accident and asked the owner if I could say hi. He said yes and I crouched down to play with my new friend.

I started asking questions about the dog and quickly realized that it’s owner was quite cute. Tall, good face, salt-and-pepper hair…not a full-on George Clooney, but overall not bad for the farmers market on a Sunday morning.

Clooney with Puppy

He went on about how he had rescued this deaf puppy from the street and nursed her back to health. (of course he did).

S.A.G.: I bet you won’t get through this farmer’s market in under 3 hours with this puppy.

Cute Guy with a Puppy: Yeah, it’s impossible to get down 3rd Street Promenade when I’m with her.

Then I saw an older woman come up to the dog with some apple slices. As she went on to feed the dog, I said to the guy, “Are you OK with strangers randomly feeding your puppy?”

Cute Guy with a Dog: That’s not a stranger. That’s my mom.

(Oh, come on) I immediately look for a ring on his left-hand. Nada.

We conitnued chatting for a bit and then parted ways, but only after some pretty decent eye contact.

S.A.G. to Particular and Brutal Friend: Um, Yes please.

My Particular and Brutal Friend (trying to make-good on the bad set-up): Go give him your number!

S.A.G.: No. no. no. That would be so embarrassing. He was cute though.

My Particular and Brutal Friend: Just do it. Otherwise you’ll always wish you had.

S.A.G.: Well, maybe. I mean, how often do you run into a single, deaf-dog rescuer walking through the farmers market with his mom? I do have a card with me…

My Particular and Brutal Friend: Do it!

Thinking that something good needed to come from the blind date debacle the night before, I got a card out of my purse and started walking back towards Cute Guy with a Puppy and his Mom. As I approached him could feel “awkward S.A.G.” bubbling to the surface…

S.A.G.: Hi again.


S.A.G.: I can’t believe I’m about to do this (I hold our my card) but next time you take the puppy to the Promenade, give me a call and I’ll help you fend off the tourists.

Cute Guy with a Puppy and his Mom (smiling and looking at my card): [S.A.G.] good to meet you, I’m [Cute Guy with a Puppy and his Mom]. We’ll talk soon.

S.A.G.: OK. Sounds good.

I bolted in the other direction – breaking into an awkward-induced sweat.

OMG. That was intense. Especially since his mom was listening in. I now have a MUCH greater appreciation for what guys go through when they’re picking up girls. For the next hour I kept checking my cell phone, like a complete loser, thinking it would be cool if he texted me immediately to make sure I had his number too. Of course, that did not happen.

Three days later, and no correspondence, I decided to give up hope that Cute Guy with a Puppy and his Mom would call. I wasn’t completely surprized, but I’ll admit a tad disappointed. I had started doing that “girl thing” where you picture telling theĀ  “how we met” story years down the road…”Well, you see. I had just come off a horrible blind date, so when I met Cute Guy with a Puppy and his Mom at the farmers market, I couldn’t help but go back up to him and give him my card. And it’s a good thing I did because he had been walking through the vegetable section, beating himself up that he hadn’t asked me out while he had the chance.”

(don’t judge)

That Friday night, I was about to leave work when I got an email titled, “The Puppy and I “say hi.”


The email asked me to forgive him for the tardy email (done), engaged in a little small talk and then went on to say that he wanted to meet up early the next week, or after the holiday. I debated waiting a couple of days to answer, but then figured “what the hell.” I had already given the guy my card – the playing-it-cool-ship had pretty much set sail. I replied 30-minutes later with some witty banter and a commitment to meet up that next week.

What what?? I had sucessfully picked up a guy! I am officially 1 for 1 in cute boy pick-ups.

The question was…what would a first date be like now that I had left my cards (and quite literally my card) on the table? Was this pairing officially doomed because of a radical shift in power?

We’ll have to get into that next time.

To be continued…


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  1. Rose Says:

    Wow ! I’m so excited for you S.A.G ! Bravo, Way to go !

    I don’t think the shift in power matters that much to guys, if you ask them out. Atleast my guy friends said so. They say, it just shows them that you’re interested in dating them, not anything further as of now, so it should be just like any other date.

    I know how frightened I was, when I tried to ask a guy out.Even before I approached him, I contacted a mutual friend and got to know, he has a serious girl friend. Else, I could have had a story to share it with you ! :-)

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