Shedding my mask in time for Halloween

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 30, 2010

I just smiled for the first time in over a week. adidas chaussures It’s not that I haven’t wanted to smile, I simply couldn’t. adidas hamburg It’s been sheer torture.

For the first time since middle school, I’ve been battling a cold sore. If you’ve ever had one, you feel my pain. You and Michael Scott from The Office 2 weeks ago.

Michael Scott

I always knew they were horrible, and the smell of Carmex brought back bad memories for sure, but I never thought it would take over my life. Maybe the placement made it worse that the average cold sore – it was in the middle of my upper lip. Drinking had to be done through a straw, sandwiches were out of the question (OK, maybe that’s a good thing) and smiling was literally impossible. I had to train myself to keep my mouth pursed and chuckle through my nose if something made me laugh. So sad.

Luckily, there were no dates to cancel since I had just cut loose all my daters.

I worked from home one day because I couldn’t imagine going out in public. I eventually realized that embarrassment was not a good enough reason to stay home from work, so I braved it and went in. The boys were kind enough to pretend not to notice and the girls told me that it just looked like I’d taken a punch to the mouth – though I can’t say that was incredibly comforting.

Aside from going to work, I essentially quarantined myself in my apartment. Maybe I’m more vain that I originally thought, but the idea of running into an acquaintance, or God forbid an ex-boyfriend, made my stomach curl – or was that the Valtrex? It even took the full length of my recovery to get the courage to write this post – and most of you don’t even know me!

I spent a good portion of the last week watching TV and obsessing over the actor’s herp-free mouths. Watching them all talk, smile and eat without a care in the world made me insanely jealous. Even when I was watching Jersey Shore.

And I realize that HSV-1 is super common and 90% of people have it (says my doctor), but I would like to point out that calling it herpes does not help the situation. Now, I did not not go to the extent of calling all my ex-daters to tell them to “get tested for the sexually-transmitted disease known as herpes,” like one Michael Scott, but there is something unsettling about the H-word. cheap mu Legend zen Oh, and my doctor just LOVED dropping it over and over again when I went in for a visit.

“Yep, that’s classic herpes.” “The herpes will eventually scab over and fall off.” “You may experience a fever and headaches from the herpes.” OK, OK, OK. You’re a dermatologist that insists on using exact medical terminology. I get it!

As expected, the cold sore died down fairly quickly and I’ve been dealing with the remainder of the healing process this week (that whole, awesome, scab falling off part). But I’m happy to report that as of today I can officially smile again.

2 Responses to “Shedding my mask in time for Halloween”

  1. singlegirlie Says:

    I like the mustache idea.

    If it hadn’t fallen off before Halloween, you could have just pasted other “scabs” on your face and body, painted your skin white and gone as a zombie. They are really in these days, I hear.

    Props to you for having balls, girl. Cold sores, aka herpes, is really common.

  2. Rose Says:

    I felt very sorry reading this, but couldn’t help laughing at the way you put it across in a funny way. Kudos to you S.A.G for being brave through this process ! I sometimes love guys who pretend like there’s nothing changed when a girl goes through something. Feels perfect and liberating !

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