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November 13, 2010

In many ways, it’s a little bit of a relief. Both of my best local “wingmen” so to speak have been dumped by their girlfriends this week. I say that entirely selfishly, after all, I did help to hook them both together.

Of course, I feel for them, however, I was lacking options on a night out going to meet new women. It’s easy for you girls, you just have to stand there looking pretty – or at least approachable, and a man will come over and chat with you.

A bad wingman, which is what I was left with…will want to leave the club or bar when you screw up an approach, which with my hit and miss style is inevitable. I take some warming up before the funny banter flows like a wild river.

Now chances are, you’ll label him (a guy that approaches you) in one way or another, often incorrectly – and send him packing. adidas gazelle But on occasion, a man like me gets it right, leading to a number, a bit of same night fun or maybe a relationship.

Wingmen for me, perform an important function, they’re good friends – friends to have a laugh with, go out and have a drink with whilst meeting new people. buy mu legend zen Women can be bitches, but I like to think of rejection in one of two ways – I screwed up the approach, or more often than not, she’s saying that she’s not good enough for me. Excellent, saved my time. A good wingman will shrug it off and not worry about it, a bad one will talk about it all night.

My friends on the other hand, struggle to approach women. I’ve learnt, however, from a shit load of rejection how to roll on over and chat to a group of women large or small, to them, I have some secret magic power. But I know, that I can talk to myself for a good hour with a little bit of illusionary input and eventually they’ll laugh at something.

If I had three pieces of advice for a single approachable girl it would be:

Give a guy a chance, let him say his piece

Don’t be cold to a guy just because the last idiot messed up coming to talk to you

If you like him talk back, a smile or nod doesn’t help to keep the conversation following. It takes two to tango. A man only has so much steam before he’ll get bored.

By Dan, Dan is the owner of the Facebook Application Chit Chat for Facebook.

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