Okay so, this is not a funny ha-ha story, but a funny – oops, why did this happen dating story. It all started when I was going to school, that I met this guy, a classmate.

He never asked me out for a ‘date’ literally, but used to ask if we could ‘hang out’. I took that as a shy guy’s invitation for a date. (what was I thinking?).

We started out as friends, before we went to ‘hang out’. mu2legendzen He told me he had a girlfriend, and for some reason, his parents won’t agree if he marries her, because it’s cross-racial. So he hinted that they broke up, but are still good friends with each other, since they’ve known each other for 7 years.

This rang a red flag in me. I was very young then, so I dismissed it off. He’d never say I looked beautiful. adidas pas cher He’d say ‘I looked sexy’. It used to make me a bit uncomfortable and good, both at the same time.

Okay, so it was that day when we were supposed to ‘hang out’. He picked me up in his car, and we reached the destination.

There was an Italian restaurant and Chinese restaurant side-by-side, he asked me which one I’d prefer, I said “Italian”. He said … oops, I’d love Chinese. Let’s go to Chinese this time.

I felt a little weird. Why ask me, if he wanted his way out?

Once I was in, I discovered by the prices that it was the cheapest Chinese restaurant in town. Anyway, the food was great and so was his company. adidas messi 2017 We talked like forever. He flirted a lot with me. He had the most beautiful smile, and the most charming eyes I knew. He always kept looking into my eyes, and added to his smile, it was such a deadly combo to resist.

The check arrived. He wouldn’t take it, and he kept talking. So I took the check and paid for both of us.

We finished our lunch and came out. A first date is too soon for me for a kiss. He got my body language that I’m shy, so we hugged like friends do.

We almost talked for 5-6 hours! We were again hungry. I didn’t mention it, and wanted to take off. But he said he’s hungry, and said he’d love it if I had a bite with him. And so he took me to a Drive-Thru Burger King. He turns his engine off, while we wait for our order. I wanted to order chicken burger with Fries and a Drink, he asked, “are you sure you’re that hungry?” This made me embarrassed, so I said I’d be fine with the burger. It was a $2 order, so he paid this time. (I paid $25 for him in the Chinese restaurant, he eats a lot, it’s very hard to make a $25 bill in that restaurant, ‘coz everything is so cheap).

I noticed he’s very cheap and miserly.The biggest surprise is that, he earns huge! But then, I gave reasons for it, I was too taken away by the attention he gave me, that I almost overlooked this issue, and went out with him a lot of times, only to find out that he is more than friends with his ex! Phew !

I’d never date such a cheapo again, cheap in spending, cheap in character.


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