Guessing Mustache #2 is Younger

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 28, 2010

At my age (close to 30-ish), I exist in this gray area between dating guys in their 30’s and guys in their 20’s. Typically, the distinction between the two is fairly apparent, but in LA, you can’t always be so certain.

In LA you have guys that dress in shorts and flip flops everyday, make lots of money working out of their home, have mature looking facial features and often suffer from Lost Boy syndrome. A guy like this could be 25 or 35 – especially since the eye wrinkles could be caused by too many months in the LA sun. adidas superstar soldes It’s easy to get confused.

With Mustache #2 (from last Monday’s night-o-karaoke) I can confidently say he is in his mid-twenties. Here are my clues:

Boy with Mustache Flannel

Clue #1: He invited me to smoke pot with the kitchen crew at the bar.

Clue #2: He asked me if the streak of blonde in my hair was natural. (But I’ll be honest, I get that from men of all ages)

Clue #3: All correspondence since karaoke night has been limited to text message. (Big clue, which we originally learned from The Texter)

Clue #4: He asked me to “hang out.” To be exact, he asked me if I wanted to “set up a writing sess this week.” (I had mentioned that I like to write in my spare time and I guess he went with that). I still haven’t figured out how to write a post about him while sitting next to him, but it looks like that is no longer an issue.

Clue #5: He stood me up.

To be fair, I can’t tell if I’ve been stood up or if i just didn’t know how to read his text-message code. Let’s take a look:

After we picked Sunday for our writing sess, and I asked him, via text of course, to tell me the time and place. mu legend zen I anticipated a response like, “Starbuck’s on [insert street] at 2 PM” but this is what I got:

“Sunday it is at esh and [mustache #1]’s place.” (I’ll give you a chance to read that over a few times)

Interesting. adidas chaussures So now this is a group writing sess with mustache #1 (who has also asked me to “hang out”) and some person named “esh.” (group hang out = Clue #6)

When I asked what time, he texted “Early afternoon works best.” (No set time = Clue #7 ).

His responses left a little to be desired in regards to answers to my questions, but I assumed the details would be texted at some point this weekend.

So here we are, Sunday at 3:30 PM with no follow-up texts and no group hang out. Can’t say I’m heartbroken, but I think it’s clear that I’ve been stood up.

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4 Responses to “Guessing Mustache #2 is Younger”

  1. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    No Joke. Just after I uploaded this post I saw this text message from mustache #2: “Too nice of a day to write but do you wanna meet tonight? Hopefully peeps will still be in after sunday funday.”

    I didn’t realize 4:00 PM was early afternoon.

  2. nan Says:

    Onward and upward……..
    Hope you do not need to find a new karaoke place!

  3. Anita Says:

    OMG ! And the joke is he still expects you to see him that night, again not mentioning the time !

    Asking out via text ? dunno about age, but it shows the man lacks minimum courtesy.

    I was once asked out by a guy through text, and he was in his mid 30’s then ! So ya, don’t think it has to do with age really ?

  4. Whitney Says:

    Reminds me of my early 20-something sisters and their jam sessions…not the best of signs, but a group writing sess sure does sound interesting.

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