Bland with a chance of hypothermia

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 1, 2010

So I had my lunch date with Cute Guy with a Boat on Sunday and overall I would say that the date was nice.

He chose a nice restaurant overlooking the boats in the harbor (true to his boat theme), we had a nice brunch with nice conversation and then a nice walk in the park. It’s not like I was looking for an excuse to leave, but at the same time I wasn’t looking for excuses to hang out longer, either. air jordan future achat So I guess I would give the date a rating of bland: not irritating, stimulating, or invigorating (per Merriam-Webster).

And as nice as Cute Guy with a Boat is, I’m just not sure that our personalities match-up very well. This became clear to me as we were sharing funny dating stories (his idea, I swear). I told him about L.A. ugg ansley sale Guy and Twice-Engaged Guy and then he pulled out a story about a girl getting severe sea-sickness while on a 1st date “day-sail.” I know what you’re thinking. nike homme “That doesn’t sound like a funny dating story.” I thought the same thing. asics blue But I didn’t want to be too judgmental, so asked him if he had any others. UGG Men For Sale In fact, he did. cheap mu Legend zen new balance 576 The following is his 2nd funny dating story – as told by Cute Guy with a Boat…

So back when I lived in Colorado, I took this girl out on a hike for our first date. Now, we were both pretty experienced hikers, so it was a fairly rigorous hike, but we were both up for it.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated how long it would take us to get up and down the mountain and it became too dark for us to continue and we had to stay overnight out in the wilderness. And since we hadn’t planned on an overnight hike, we didn’t have a tent or any of the other items we should have had to weather the elements. adidas hamburg chaussure adidas zx flux Did I mention it was snowing?

So we come across another hiker who was by himself and we all dug a whole in the snow. chaussures asics So we put the girl in the middle and the guy and I spent the rest of the night hugging her to keep her warm. The next day we got down the mountain and she was fine. mu2legendzen As for me, I suffered from some pretty bad frostbite and it took me a while to recover fully.

Again, I question the “funny” in this funny dating story. Clearly, it’s not so much funny ha ha, but more like funny-how-we-almost-died-and-by-the-way-I-never-want-to-see-you-again….ha…….ha.

Now, all I can think about when I think about Cute Guy with a Boat is this poor girl who probably just said she loved hiking to impress this guy and ended up spending the night in the dark, scary forest, cradled by an almost stranger and a complete stranger to keep from getting hypothermia.

This probably goes without saying, but they never made it to a 2nd date.

The funny thing is, I’m less concerned about him being a bad judge of hiking distances and 1st date ideas, and more concerned with his opinion of what’s funny.

Having a boyfriend with a different sense of humor than you can be really bad. classic short womens ugg boots Not only will you not laugh enough, but (even worse) he won’t “get” how funny you are. new balance fille I’ve had that happen before and I just kept telling him, “one day you’re going to realize how funny I am…” (yeah.

2 Responses to “Bland with a chance of hypothermia”

  1. A Says:

    hey S.A.G, I doubt if it’s different sense of humor compared to him not having any sense of humor at all.

    You call a girl getting sea-sickness funny, if it happens on first date? Does that mean, just ‘coz it’s 1st date, she’s not allowed to get sick while on the boat ? I don’t get what’s funny with this either.

    and please don’t even get me started with the 2nd one.He thinks another guy also trying to keep her warm is kinda funny. Bottom line : His sense of humor ( if at all if it’s there ) is pitiful !

  2. A Says:

    I’m constantly checking this site, ‘coz I share similar dating stories like your’s. Would love to read more blog posts from you for your funny writing style S.A.G. I really love your sense of humor, as it shines through in your blog.

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