Back to brunette – like riding a bike

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 23, 2010

Tandem Bike

As I began to mention in my last post, my dance card has been pretty open recently. louboutin soldes escarpins I believe it’s no coincidence this happened to be the same 7-week period I was sporting blonde hair – thanks to a minor miscommunication with my stylist – but that’s another theory for another time.

For now, I’m back to brown, feeling more like myself and I’ve been taking my new ‘do’ for a spin, both figuratively and literally.

First, I accepted a date with Next Seat Over Guy. We were going to grab a coffee again (if it ain’t broke…) but then we heard that The Situation was signing autographs at Century City Mall, so clearly that trumped coffee.

I had over an hour to get home before he picked me up, so I decided to stop by the bike shop and check out beach cruisers. adidas zx 750 pas cher I was looking for a very specific bike, and figured this would be the first of many stops, but then I saw it…

A white, female-style beach cruiser with with wide black handlebars and hot pink wheels. OK, the hot pink wheels were just icing on the cake, but it was clear I needed to take this baby home. I was sitting on the bike on the store when this tall, sort-of-cute guy said, “You won’t be able to ride that with those flat tires…here, I’ll get it all set-up.”

The next thing I know this Bike Shop Guy is fixing the height of the seat, adjusting a bike helmet to fit my dome and asking where I live, what I do for work and if I like to go hiking. I was very focused on getting the bike and getting home in time to prep my poof for The Situation, so it didn’t occur to me that Bike Shop Guy might be flirting with me – especially since I looked like a stressed out ad executive after a long day of inadvertently wiping off my make-up. (not to mention the fact that I was buying a helmet…)

After doubling the price of my overall purchse with necessary (?) bike accessories, Bike Shop Guy and I went to work getting the bike in the back of my sedan. It was proving to be a difficult task and I was getting anxious because Next Seat Over Guy was texting me asking if I might be ready earlier than planned.

Mental side note, guys: a girl is never going to be ready early.

Bike Shop Guy started getting frustrated with our big bike/small car situation and asked, “Where did you say you live again?”

S.A.G.: 16 blocks away.

Bike Shop Guy: OK. I think we’re going to have to drop this off to you.

S.A.G. (just noticing a big truck with a bike shop logo parked in the lot): I didn’t know you guys delivered.

Bike Shop Guy: We do if it’s close enough.

S.A.G.: That’s great. Thank you. I’m actually sort of rushing to something tonight. Maybe tomorrow?

Bike Shop Guy: I think we can drop it off in about 15 minutes, if that works for you.

S.A.G.: Wow. That’s great. Thank you Thank you!

About 15 minutes later I was mid-freshen-up when I got a call. It was Bike Shop Guy saying that he was downstairs with my bike. Funny, I didn’t realize he would be the one delivering my bike…

When I got down to the street I didn’t see the large truck from the parking lot. Instead there was Bike Shop Guy lifting my bike out from the back of his pick-up.

S.A.G.: I’m getting the feeling that this delivery service isn’t sponsored by the bike shop.

Bike Shop Guy: Nah. I just figured I would help you out. But now you have my number in your phone, so give me a call if you ever want to go on a hike or a bike ride.

I said I would and went back upstairs with my fingers crossed that Next Seat Over Guy would be 5-10 minutes late. He was (smart).

In the end, we missed The Situation because he left early from the book signing. It was probably for the best…

Clearly I was on fire than night and it might have been awkward having Mike Sorrentino approach me in front of Next Seat Over Guy.

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2 Responses to “Back to brunette – like riding a bike”

  1. Rose Says:

    haha, things do happen when we expect the least !

    I can imagine how tense you could have gotten with the bike guy on your door and next seat guy coming to pick you up. :-) hahahaha, this story is movie or tv show worth SAG.

    You’ll remember situations like these always, ‘coz once they’re over, they make you laugh, hard ! I really look forward to reading your blog a lot, so I wish you wrote me ! ( Just a wish, not asking too much from you ). Love your style of writing and the way you share it like it is, I’m your fan ! So, yeah … I wish I could read a blog post from you daily ( though it could sound ridiculous to you :-) ). How about wishing we were friends, instead of wishing you wrote more, hey I can wish whatever I want to ! :-)

  2. Rose Says:

    sorry, a typo …. I meant …

    I really look forward to reading your blog a lot, so I wish you wrote me ! so I wish you wrote more … ( and NOT … I wish you wrote me ) … :-)

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