Accidental date sabotage

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 14, 2010

On Friday night a girlfriend and I went to this great one-act show on La Brea called, I Made Out With Him Anyway. (No explanation needed as to why I would like this).

Click on the picture to watch a video sample

(Side note) Go see this show. Boy or a girl – if you read this blog you will love this show. Click on the picture below to see teaser clips:

So, as we’re walking into the show, we see this guy sitting in the audience by himself writing in a journal. I ask him if he’s in the media and writing a review of the show. He says no, but then goes on to say that he sees a show every week and is thinking about starting a blog.

Seizing the opportunity to name his blog (one of my favorite pastimes) I blurt out, “Playbill Weekly might be a good title for that blog.” He nods his head and writes something in his journal. Clearly he loves the name…but I digress.

So the lights go down and the show starts. adidas stan smith pas cher homme Right away one of the two actresses (who wrote, and stars, in the show) explains that she has actually been set-up with a guy in the audience and that she will be on a date throughout the duration of the performance. To our surprise, she calls down the future “Playbill Weekly” blogger to the dinner table that is set-up just in front of the stage.

Funny….he didn’t mention that he was IN the show. Random. But, the performance continues and the date takes place throughout.

After the show, we all filter out and I walk up to the blogger and inquire how he got involved.

He goes on about a friend of a friend and that they have different guy as part of every performance. His answer is fairly vague but he adds that he thinks knows a guy that might be a good fit for the actress he was “dating” in the show.

At that moment, the actress comes out from backstage and starts chatting with the three of us. louboutin homme We congratulate her on a great show, give a gushing review and then I (for some reason) feel the need to add:

“So, the good news is, this guy says he has a friend that will be good for you!”

The smile fades from her face and I feel one of those “music screeches to a halt” moments coming on.

Actress: “Well. That’s a first. I’ve never had a first date try to set me up on a date before…”

S.A.G.:”Oh (shiiiiiit). So you’re actually on a real date??!”

Now-upset-looking actress: “Yes. It’s an actual date.”

S.A.G. (slowly backing up to exit the scene of the now-sabotaged date): “Oh…I misunderstood.

2 Responses to “Accidental date sabotage”

  1. A Says:

    Oh nooooooo. :-) That must be so awkward and embarrassing for you at that time, but it’s so hilarious to read. Now that guy must also have learnt a lesson, not to tell other girls casual stuff, ‘coz c’mon guys, ” women talk ” !

    Well, you did a good thing for her then ! She doesn’t deserve that guy if he thinks of setting her up with someone else.

  2. danita Says:

    This is really funny. I dont blame him for pawning her off one someone else though. WHO wants to go on a date in front of an audience? Sure a restaurant has people but they aren’t (hopefully) actively paying attention to everything you say and do.

    I want to see this.

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