29 Stole My Cute

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 21, 2010

Cute Theft

3 weeks ago I turned 29.

I know what you’re thinking. Big deal. adidas x 16.3 Adidas Pas Cher It’s not 30. air jordan xx8 You’re still in your 20’s and that is still considered young.

I thought the same thing. Until I celebrated my birthday in Michigan…at my 24-year-old cousin’s engagement party.

I suppose I should have been better mentally prepared for the geographically undesirable birthday. I should have been anticipating comments from my grandmother about how my “looks won’t last forever” and how it’s time to “get on the ball” (I’m sure she meant figuratively). nike pas cher I should have known that before the end of the night she would be openly pimping me out to the groomsmen.

I just kept telling myself that it’s not my age, it’s the venue. 29 in Michigan is the equivalent of 35 in Los Angeles. mu2legendzen If you haven’t started reproducing, or God forbid, you’re not married, you’re going to get a certain look from people.

It was a relief to come back to LA and hear reassurance from friends and colleagues that 29 is, in fact, “young.”

But there is another unexpected change that I’ve noticed with my ripe new age. nike blazer Apparently, I’ve lost my cute.

Well…it’s not like I misplaced it or let it go purposely. It’s more like 29 stole it from me and didn’t have the courtesy to give me a sufficient heads-up. And I’m not talking about gravity beginning to win the inevitable battle – those changes I can hide for now with strategic clothing choices.

No. air jordan 4 It’s taken me some time to put a finger on this cute-theft, because the changes have been fairly subtle.

First of all (and I have to give credit to a girlfriend of mine for pointing this out to me) everywhere I go people are referring to me as “ma’am.” Not the previous “miss” or “ms.” that I was accustomed to. baskets adidas zx 750 Not even then sometimes-offensive “hun” from a waitress or flight attendant. penny hardaway Apparently I’m giving off a strong “ma’am” vibe, and let me tell you. lunette de soleil It ain’t cute.

“Excuse me, ma’am, can I get you another drink?”


Additionally, I’m hearing myself say things in conversation that once sounded endearing, but now sound borderline immature. nouvelle collection lunette ray ban femme Things like:

I make a mean Rawmen.

I’m too nervous to hold your baby.

I guess I’ll have to wear the big-girl shoes today (i.e. Air Jordan 12 Baskets anything non-flip-flop).

I’m a good cook, so long as I’m only using a skillet.

I have one friend that just bought a house – she’s the true adult in our group.

I know how to uncork a wine bottle with only a knife.

On top of that, I’ve been asked to transition from a men-tee to a mentor at work, I need to give serious thought as to whether or not boys under the age of 25 are too young for me, and I’ve lost the right to begin sentences with “I’m too young…” or “I’m not old enough to…”

I’m still unclear as to why 29 stole my cute, vs.

4 Responses to “29 Stole My Cute”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Well, it’s got to make you feel better that I’m almost 39! My cute is torn up into the shreds and stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Should we start dressing older? Maybe I dress way too cute for my age.

  2. lifebeginsat30ty Says:

    OMG, everyone in DC calls me ‘ma’am’ too! I hate hate hate hate *times a million* it! I’ve decided that it’s a southern thing though. Or else I would kill someone. They never called me that in Michigan or London. I’m 31 and have started to notice for the the first time that there may be men out there that are *gasp* too young for me *sobs* But I adore my 30s, so there’s the trade-off. I’d rather be a mature, sexy woman in her 30s than ‘cute’ ;)

  3. Rose Says:

    Tell me about it S.A.G. We’re almost the same age, hurray ! :-) Belated Happy Birthday wishes ! dunno how I missed this post !

    I lost my cute at 27, because girls in my city got married before they turn 23.

    Yeah, I’m with you. It feels weird to say those sentences which were once endearing and cute.

  4. Jenni Says:

    I know ALL about the “ma’am” thing. It was a bit different for me though. People didn’t start calling me ma’am…they started calling me MRS.! I noticed this shortly after I graduated with my B.S…at 22! I am now 28, I still get carded when I buy alcohol, but everyone from grocery checkers to girl scouts selling me cookies call me Mrs. I thought it was just a small town thing…but after recently moving I’ve realized it’s NOT. I am forced to conclude that I look young enough that I may not be able to legally drink, but for some reason look plenty old enough to be married. The worst part? People get really, really offended when I correct them with “It’s MISS.”

    And by the way, I hate ‘big girl shoes’ too!

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