Unsolicited flower delivery! From…

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 19, 2010

On Friday, I came back to work from lunch to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk.

I took a moment of pause because in all my years of working I have never received unsolicited flowers. In fact, the two times I’ve received flowers were when I had a death in the family and when my now ex-boyfriend reluctantly sent me carnations in a wicker basket after I told him to send me flowers (he had really messed up). (btw – the carnations didn’t help his cause).

So there I was at a major moment in my career (dating and work) looking at these gorgeous long-stemmed flowers…


As I picked up the card my mind immediately went to Ex-Coworker Guy. In all fairness, flowers after two dodged kisses might just be his style. Of course, that would make me an even bigger a-hole for writing my last post.

The only other person I’ve even been hanging out with recently is Hot Shy Guy and I was fairly certain they could not be from him - especially since I had, unfortunately, called it quits with him 4 days earlier.

I haven’t written about HSG since I learned he knew about the blog, so allow me to bring you back into the fold with a little background…


The decision to have “the talk’ with HSG was really difficult. He has an amazing heart and I really like him on all the most basic levels, but I had to admit to myself that we weren’t progressing toward a relationship – and likely wouldn’t in the near future.


When it came time to actually tell him, I danced around the truth for a while until he finally forced me to say, “I don’t think we should hang out anymore.” It was really hard to admit. For the first time in a very long time, I felt heartbroken. I cried.

(Cut back to the flowers)

Who sent them? Overwhelmingly thoughful Ex-Coworker Guy? Recently released Hot Shy Guy? Or (worst case) my mother? (Ha. As much as I love you, mom, that wouldn’t be very blog-worthy)

Sorry – this is serious.

I opened the card…

Hi [S.A.G.],


I just wanted to say that I would be really lucky to be friends with you. I didn’t want you to cry on the phone, or now, but I’d be excited to continue the friendship.


- [HSG]


I was speechless. This was the first tangible token of affection from HSG and and it was perfect.

Four days later and the flowers are still as beautiful as ever and my heart aches a little when I look at them. My coworkers keep asking me, “Are you sure you made the right decision?”

At least for the near future, I know I did. Sometimes people come into our lives and we’re not quite sure what do to with them. We know they are important and we want them to fit a defined role, but it’s simply not taking.

I don’t know if HSG and I will remain friends, but I sure hope so. I’ve never heard of a boy sending “let’s be friends” flowers after a break-up, but I can only imagine that’s the kind of boy you want in your life.

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3 Responses to “Unsolicited flower delivery! From…”

  1. lifebeginsat30ty Says:

    Wow. You sure he’s not in love with you?!?!

  2. singlegirlie Says:

    Biatch! You got flowers at work! Where are my freaking flowers? I just wrote about this!!


    BUT, he sounds like a real sweetie. You guys should be friends. Real, actual friends, not the kind of “friends” that people say they want to be when they break up then never speak again.

    But look out. Something similar happened recently to a friend of mine and now they are a couple. But they are happy!

  3. Rose Says:

    The flowers look beautiful S.A.G ! The gesture is perfect, sweet and all.

    The only thing I’d have liked better is this –

    I just wanted to say that I would be really lucky to date you again, to see where it goes. ( He should want it to go somewhere or end it at some point ) I didn’t want you to cry on the phone, or now, but I’d be excited to continue talking to you.

    It’d have been perfect, the kind of boy you’d want in your life.

    Friends after dating – well, going a step backwards doesn’t sound so romantic to me.

    Friendship is very confusing after dating a person, even if one person has feelings on the other, and more so if only one person has feelings on the other, and the other just wants friendship – can be so painful. I’ve been through this S.A.G.Done it in my early twenties.

    I personally won’t be able to do that anymore, be friends with a previous dater, but seen friends where it worked in few cases, they juz remained friends. In some rare cases, they got married. So you know, it’s all subjective.

    It’s hard to know his intention, it could be just staying friends ‘coz he likes talking to you. If I were you, and if I want to stay friends – then I won’t give him lot of my time, since he allowed to break it away and keep dating other men.

    I wish you the very best in life !

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