How “A-boat” not

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 28, 2010

In my recent post, What is wrong with you anyway?, I questioned: what is wrong with Cute Guy with a Boat? Then I went on to scold myself for automatically assuming that he wasn’t a great catch.

Well, after a fairly painful phone conversation the other night, I think we might have our answer. air jordan 1 soldes There’s a very good chance that he is boring.

We had a conversation for 10 minutes and it felt more like 40. ugg classic mini Picture slow-talking, long pauses before speaking and detailed discussion about jet lag. ugg men Yeah. ugg boots online But what happened to the guy that was so engaging over the course of our 2-hour dinner when we first met?

My guess is that the problem is not with him, it’s me. We’ll…actually, it’s the 3 margaritas I had before we sat down for dinner.

This is where drinking and dating can really get you. asics sale 2017 You may recall that I met Cute Guy on a Boat at the single’s dating event where we were mixing Margaritas for Cinco De Mayo. It’s competely possible that by the time he asked me to grab a bite to eat with him, I was peering back at him through triple-margarita-goggles. adidas gazelle soldes I realize the “beer-goggles” reference is typically in regards to looks, but I’ll make the case that certain individuals (i.e. asics soldes Cute Guy with a Boat) may not only look better through margarita-goggles, but they may also appear to be WAY more entertaining as well.

In dating, it’s very common to include drinks in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates…and so on, depending on the couple. I bet if we really stopped to think about it, the average couple is drinking together a majority of that time they are “getting to know each other.” I’m not saying this is wrong…but I am saying it’s dangerous, because the next thing you know, you’re exclusively dating a guy for going on two months who can’t hold a decent conversation. adidas homme Of course, you would never know this because your red-wine/vodka/beer-goggles are blurring your impression.

And what about couples that smoke pot together? I mean, come on. Bathroom tile is funny if you’ve smoked enough.

So, there I am. cheap jordans uk for sale Eight minutes into a bland phone conversation and all I can think about is how I agreed to go on a “day sail” with this guy over Memorial Day weekend. All of a sudden am less nervous about him knocking me out with an oar and dumping me into the Marina Del Rey harbor and more nervous about knocking myself out with mimosas and diving overboard to swim back to shore.

Luckily for me, he downgraded our day sail to a daytime meal and asked me if I would like to go to lunch this weekend. Maybe I’m not the only one having reservations about spending hours alone on the open water with a new dater.

So, I guess we’ll see what we find at lunch on Sunday – where there’s low potential for blurry-vision.

3 Responses to “How “A-boat” not”

  1. Brock Says:

    He was surfing the net while talking to you. I do it all the time. Loooooong pauses result.

  2. A Says:

    Interesting SAG. It’s good that you are giving him one more chance to see the real him, without alcohol this time. I know how alcohol can impair our senses during a date.

    But, if I were you, I’d tell him – I’ll have to leave after 40 mins, since a friend of mine said she needs my help today, since her baby-sitter is not around, and she’s tired. or just make up some reason.

    That way, you don’t have to spend 2 boring hours , if they turn out to be boring.40 mins is a decent time, and u cud ask to pay urself ur half, if ur not interested in this guy after the date. That way,
    u cud tell him if he calls again that u think, u two won’t be a good match, and there’ll be a girl who can appreciate him more than u do.

    if he turns to be interesting, then cud just his jet-lag, and u’ve an exciting dater !

    can’t wait till tomorrow to know what happened. :-) I’m sure u can’t wait too !

  3. Josh Says:

    I like to call em beer-phones. =D or I guess in your case triple-margarita-phones. Good luck!

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