Heavy Flirting Melts Laptop

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 30, 2010


Every once in a while I like to write at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I go there for the free wireless (with the purchase of a drink), the nice outdoor seating and the attractive clientele. adidas homme These are all areas where Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf beats out Starbucks – hands down.

So one sunny afternoon, I’ve posted up outside a Coffee Bean at the fire pit – since I officially think 60 degrees feels cool after 10 years in LA – and I’m typing away.

A guy walks up with two small puppies and he’s struggling to tie their leashes to a table leg. new balance sale He looks up at me and asks if I would be kind enough to watch his puppies while he grabs a drink. Would I..!

Of course, I fall for the age-old “watch-my-puppy” trick.

When he gets back we start chatting. To set the scene, I’m sitting in my seat, he is standing next to me and we’re each holding a puppy. I begin to feel awkward about sitting, so I stand up.

We continue chatting/flirting and roughly 15 minutes goes by. My legs start to get lazy but I still don’t want to sit down, so I push my laptop over to make room so I can half-sit on the table. Another 15 minutes go by before the puppies get obnoxiously anxious and he has to get going. ADIDAS PURE BOOST He asks me for my number and walks away.

Pleased with my impromptu banter with the attractive stranger, I turn back to my computer and get ready to blog it out. asics gel lyte But, something is wrong. nike air max pas cher Very wrong.

Half of the laptop screen is completely black. It looks like someone drew a diagnol line from the top-left corner down to the lower-right corner and then filled in the top half of the screen with black Sharpie. The lower section of the screen looks normal.

S.A.G.: “what the…”

After further inspection I realize that my laptop is pressed up against the cast-iron cage of the fire pit and the outer edge of my screen is melting. Like, in real-life, melting. I must have accidentally pushed it up against the fire pit, mid-flirt!

I grab the computer (did I mention this is my work computer?) and put it on my lap – where I probably should have had it in the first place. penny hardaway The screen is REALLY hot. asics outlet I start fanning it off, irrationally.

Happily – as if the dating Gods were throwing me a bone after openly flirting with the shameless, puppy-pick-up guy – the screen starts coming back to life. Eventually, the screen looks normal again. cheap ugg The plastic case, on the other hand, is in bad shape. oakley jupiter squared There is a permanent black, indent where the iron-cage-contact took place and the upper right corner is bent forward.

The good news is, I can still use my work computer. Nike Air Max 2015 The bad news is, I need to come up with a better story to tell I.T.

3 Responses to “Heavy Flirting Melts Laptop”

  1. Kelly Says:

    OMG, sorry to laugh but this is hilarious! I’m thinking of all the careless things I did when I was focused on trying to flirt…like the time I dented my car. Anyway, maybe you could say you were working so late one night that you went to the kitchen to make some french press, but you brought the laptop in and were working next to the stove—so focused on an email— when this happened.

    Makes you look like a dedicated worker, no?? Could work…

    Thanks for this post—brilliant!!

  2. LA Idiot Says:

    I need a puppy…

  3. Rose Says:

    OMG SAG ! Terribly shocked at this story and I can imagine how tough it must have been for you to discover it.

    I think going to kitchen with laptop and burning it off seems superficial.Tell them the real story, only skip the guy. Tell them you were sitting next to the fire pit on a winter day, and when you were out, you discovered accidentally, part of it got melted down.
    You needn’t even mention the place. I hope that should work out !

    Btw, it was awesome that you stayed with a great guy compared to a popular guy in high school. Kudos to you, girl ! I think ‘coolness’ is pretty over-rated and superficial.

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