Vacation Over: First Day of School

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
September 8, 2010

Girl with Backpack

I wish I could say that Single. Approachable. Girl. has been sunning herself in the tropics for a month, or touring Europe without sufficient internet access, but this was not that kind of vacation. Instead, I took an unexpected leave of absence from blogging to get a new job – one that will keep me on my toes and help pay for S.A.G. internet access. And, as my grandmother so skillfully pointed out, a new job is a great place to meet new men (she always has one eye on the prize, that one).

So, just like many other young (?) girls out there, today was my first day of “school” – and a new school at that. Being a tad nervous, I made a back-to-school list to keep me on track. Let’s see how I did…

Uniform: As you may remember, style and fashion do not come naturally to me, so I called in the experts. Three girlfriends drove in from Orange County, Pasadena and Venice for an emergency closet clean out. Picture the packing scene from the first Sex in the City movie: Three judges with three different styles, but in this case my clothes were more of the Miranda variety and my friends held up “TOSS” to 90% of my wardrobe. Two large garbage bags later, my closet was left with nothing but a wrap dress, a few casual tank tops not suitable for work and the infamous wool tunic. (One friend admitted that she came over specifically to get rid of that tunic, but I just couldn’t let it go.) Luckily, they didn’t leave before writing down my new clothing rules. I now a have a very strict shopping code which includes no ruffles, no long skirts, no flip flops and all v-necks. (I dare you to walk into a store right now and find a shirt or dress without ruffles. I’m just saying – back-to-school uniform shopping has been difficult).

Uniform: A for effort

New Hair Cut: No time. All split ends. Major fail. Fresh hair will have to wait for week 2.

Backpack: I was pretty sure that my LeSportsac bag was not going to “make the cut” as part of my new Varsity wardrobe, so I went looking for a new bag that would double as a computer bag and purse. I was browsing designer bags at a department store when the saleswoman asked if I would be interested in an orange-colored bag. I heard my friend’s voice echoing in my head… “keep it simple…loud pieces go out of style…” But, my adventurous side took over and I replied, “sure! Sounds fun.” The bag was awesome (and really more of a lava, than an orange, in my opinion). Just to be safe I took a picture with my phone and sent it to my shopping consultants. Happily, I went three-for-three with positive text-backs and crossed backpack shopping off my list.

Backpack: Passed with flying colors.

New calculator (AKA PDA): Fail. I bought a sick new phone and programmed all my contacts only to find out that my new position requires a more boring, “business” phone. Now I have to return my cool phone and all its accessories.

New Calculator: D-

Playing it cool on the first day: Let’s see, shall we? The company hosted a welcome breakfast for me this morning with bagels and coffee. Extremely thoughtful and unexpected. Once everyone had their bagel and was seated around the conference room table, my new boss introduced me and then turned for me to say something. Everyone was staring at me (thank goodness for the new outfit). I had not prepared for this. I panicked and blurted out, “Wow. This is a lot of pressure…I’m sweating…but…I’m very excited to be here!” They smiled, but kept staring as if I was supposed to say something else. I followed up with something about needing to toast my bagel, turned around abruptly and walked to the toaster. They were kind enough to assume I’m not actually that awkward and they laughed at my “joke.”

Play it cool: Fail

Catch the attention of the cute boy in class: Let’s just say I can cross “inappropriate office affair” off the list right now. Fairly certain I’ve avoided that mess all together.

2 Responses to “Vacation Over: First Day of School”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Usually, crossing something off the list means you’ve accomplished it.

    So crossing off “inappropriate office affair” is confusing unless you meant that you’ve done it.
    Just saying…

    You wouldn’t want your new coworkers to get the wrong idea about your afterschool extra-curriculars.

  2. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Sheesh. You’re such a stickler. I meant to say I’m “erasing” it off my list.:)

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