Does my neck look fat to you?

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
July 1, 2010

I’m wearing a choker halter-top blouse today. It looks similar to this, but less trashy and no white trim.

Picture 5

The problem is that the collar is pretty tight around the neck. I don’t really understand how this happens. The blouse is the right length and it’s spacious around the middle. The ONLY problem is that it’s tight around the neck.

All of a sudden I’m feeling like maybe I have a freakishly thick swimmer’s neck. I bought this from the blouse section at T.J. Maxx (that’s were they shuffle the 29+ women to shop, by the way). Who do they expect shops in the T.J. Maxx blouse section? Ma’ams with boobs, hips and anorexic necklines?

So my options are the following: Figure out how to move the buttons over to make the neckline a reasonable diameter (hmmm, sounds crafty), or find away to reduce the girth of my neck.

Obviously, being a girl in L.A., I should opt for the option that consists of me shrinking in size, vs. altering my clothes to fit my massive neck.

Thankfully, I found a solution when googling “neck exercises” and “reducing neck size,” The Neckline Slimmer…

Click to see the infomercial

Click to see the infomercial

And – as my research uncovered, there is a secondary solution, should the Neckline Slimmer fail me:

Click to see the demonstration

Click to see the demonstration

I’m going to start doing these exercises twice a day at my desk, while I sit on my Pilates ball.

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