I can’t help being a boyfriendy boy. Seems like every girl I meet in Detroit is desperate for a normal guy, and I’m the sucker that ends up in relationships that get too serious too fast. I once met a girl’s parents on a 3rd date. I once went on a 14-hour first date. I’ve made out with my close girl friends only to later realize that they thought we were “meant for each other.” I’ve had a girl cry on a first date in the middle of making out because she “liked me too much” and “didn’t want to freak me out by not spending the night.” I once moved in with a girlfriend without understanding that meant marriage or heartbreak (you can guess how that one ended).

I don’t tell these dating snippets to brag. It’s background on how I get too far into a relationship too fast and why, when I broke up with my live-in girlfriend, I swore to have more fun, more drama and more adventure. You’re only single and 20something once. So let’s start the latest adventure…

When I met Lauren at a work party, I had no expectations.  I wasn’t even looking to hook up, and I didn’t even get her number.  Sure, I was really attracted to her. Sure she was the coolest girl I’ve met in the last 3 years and the first to genuinely make me laugh.  And we work together, so I can flirt with her every day. We talked about doing fun things around LA, getting drunk and exploring new neighborhoods and bars and restaurants.

The first time that happened – the first time we got drunk together – we ended up making out at the bar. Before I continue, I should mention it was at Happy Hour with lots of coworkers.  That’s pretty harmless usually, but I should also mention that she was engaged. Oh, I didn’t mention that before?


(S.A.G.: hmmm...sounding familiar...)

Yeah, she was scheduled to be married in 2 months.  But hey, I’m a single 20something. That’s my free pass to fun and drama and adventure, right?

So I backed off. I didn’t even have Lauren’s number for fear that it would seem like I was hitting on her. But one Friday, she said her fiancé was out of town and wanted my number to see what I was up to that weekend. We ended up getting afternoon drinks and talking. No physical contact.

But then the flirty text messages started…

Long, semi-sexual texts nearly every night back-and-forth. And one Sunday after a weekend of trying to hang out unsuccessfully, I texted her. “Sorry it didn’t work out.”

The next text message left me speechless.  It changed everything.

“Yeah, I’m sorry it didn’t work out too. It feels weird saying this, but I called the wedding off last night…”

To be continued…

5 Responses to “Guest Post by Boyfriendy Boy: Interoffice, Part 1”

  1. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Sounds to me like boyfriendy boy is getting into another “too serious, too fast” relationship. But, I guess we’ll have to wait for Part II…

  2. Lisa Says:

    I need part 2!

  3. Rose Says:

    Just can’t wait for part 2 ! This guy sure knows how to intrigue readers. ;-) He just stopped at the right moment.

  4. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Tell me about it. I just sent him a harassing email. “Where’s part 2!? The ladies are waiting…”

  5. Rose Says:

    hahahahaha, S.A.G. You sure know how to harrass people. The part 2 was sent soon enough ! You go girl !

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