Friday Night Thief

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
April 4, 2010


There are 52 or 53 Friday nights in one year depending on what day the year starts on. It sounds like a decent number of nights, I know, but for some reason, I’m pretty heated about losing one to Crazy-Laker-Fan Guy…

When he originally asked me out I offered him Wednesday night.

“That’s lame,” he whined. “You have to give me a good night, like a Friday or Saturday.” I was reluctant, but I caved and we put Friday night on the books.

His insistence on a Friday night had me a little curious about what he had planned. A fun night out on the town perhaps? I’ll admit, I was a little excited.

So Friday comes along and he texts me incessantly throughout the work day… “What time will you get off work?” “Where do you want to go?” “Do you like BBQ?” “How early do you think you an get there?” (already, my initial excitement is starting to waiver). We chose a place and I say that I will call him as I’m leaving work.

I call him at 5:30 and he tells me he’s already there. Apparently, he wanted to miss traffic from Westwood to Santa Monica, he’s feeling pretty tired “for some reason” and doesn’t feel like drinking tonight.

It’s looking like a radical night…

When I get there, he has claimed a small, uncomfortable table at the bar. My initial assumption is that we are waiting for a table inside the restaurant, but no. I was informed that I would be eating with some guy’s chair pushed up against mine in the crowded bar.

Since he’s not drinking, I’m not drinking and so there was really nothing to do but order dinner almost immediately. We were done eating by 7:15 PM and he says to me, “You know, there’s a Laker’s game on tonight.”


“Do you like to watch the Lakers?” he asks.

“I don’t typically watch them unless I’m physically at the game. I take it you watch the games?”

“Yes. I never miss them”

“Ok. Do you want to go to a bar and watch the game?” (I get no response, so I follow that up with) “…or do you just feel like going home and watching it there?”

“Actually, that sounds perfect. I’m just so tired. But I would really like to take you out next Friday night…are you free?”

So, let me reflect on this. Here we are on a “good” date-night, it’s still daylight, we’re sober and he is about to leave to go watch a Basketball game in his studio apartment? Jeez, sounds like this would have been a good date for a Wednesday night. And, to add insult to injury, he tries to pencil himself into my next Friday night?? Oh hell no.

I was home by 8 PM, watching “My Best Friend’s Girl” On Demand (decent movie btw). I had clearly been duped out of my Friday night and I was too annoyed see what my friends were up to.

Initially, I assumed that he bailed because he was bored and wanted to go home and just covered his bases by asking me out for next week. Fine with me. I can’t date someone that plans 2-3 nights a week around Basketball from October to June.

BUT then the next day I receive this asinine text: “You rock yo day so far?”

For some reason, that set me off (not an easy feat). He is continuing communication, which probably means he was serious about next Friday. I called him immediately and scolded him for stealing my Friday night. I made it clear that he would not be swiping any more nights from me.

I almost feel bad about it, but I figure I’m just doing my part. I want the next girl to enjoy all 52 of her Friday nights.

6 Responses to “Friday Night Thief”

  1. singlegirlie Says:

    Good for you, girl. What the hell? Begs you for Friday, the “good” night, then you’re home by 8:00? What did he say when you scolded him?

  2. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    He admitted that there really wasn’t much for him to say, but that he understood why I felt that way. He also reiterated that he felt tired, but didn’t want to flake.

    My thoughts are this: If you’re tired, man up. People are constantly doing things they don’t feel like doing, but they make the most of it. And if you’re really not going to be a fun date, cancel. Give the other person a chance to make other plans.

  3. singlegirlie Says:

    Ah. Well, I do understand being tired, but that still really sucks for the other person. If it were my Friday night, I’d be pissed too. I take it he didn’t have many other redeeming qualities, either.

    Thanks so much for the RT & the FB plug – you ROCK! Love your blog, too – will be reading regularly. xoxoxo

  4. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    The other thing is, I think he may not have been all that tired, but just realized that he scheduled a date during a Lakers game:)

  5. Dan Says:

    I’m so glad you’re dating again. This is too funny! I hope some of your other dates are going well at least.

    Next time a guy acts this weird on a date you should pull out your iPhone/Blackberry and tell him “Oh my God, you are ridiculous, I have to blog about you!”

  6. Gus Says:

    You’re lucky to have gotten out when you did. I’m sensing you go to this guys house, you start out watching the game, you go to the bathroom, come back and BAM! He’s got Skinamax on his 52″ flatscreen.

    “The game was pretty slow,” he says. I thought we’d check out this movie.

    Now you’re stuck watching In Gloria’s Bastards with Senor Double Dribble.

    It could have been much uglier.

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