At least I know what I want…

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
April 12, 2010

Friday night was another Karaoke Night, but this time I was not going it alone and we were at “old faithful” – the same bar where we’ve met gems, such as The Facebook Friender (AKA Chocolate Dip) and Late-Night-Soft-Core-Porn Guy.

But before we went to the bar, my girlfriend and I went out to dinner and were analyzing my taste in guys (I know. Shocking). She was saying that I’m very picky when it comes to guys and I was saying that I just feel like I know more now about what I’m looking for and what I’m not willing to invest in when it comes to guys. I was painting a picture of a pretty mature guy. A man if you will. Someone who knows who he is, what he wants and where he’s going but doesn’t take himself all too seriously. It really sounded like I had my shit together.

Then we went to the bar…

That’s where two attractive guys approached us. One was very responsible looking with his short haircut, glasses and polo shirt peeking out of his sweater. The other had a more rugged look going on with his scruffy facial hair and unwashed brown hair peeking out of his less-than-white white hat.

Throughout the night we uncovered the following…

Together…they rap in a band. (Is it considered a “band” when there is rapping involved? Or is it rap group? Whatever, they have a band and in which they perform rap. (and yes. I’m white)).


The preppy guy (white rapper #1) lives in an apartment in LA, has a stable, well-paying day job and speaks intelligently on just about any topic you can bring up.

The rugged guy (white rapper #2) didn’t mention anything about a job, lives in his parent’s basement in Long Island, NY, and when I mentioned that I smelled a mix of body-odor and stale cigarettes, he said it was probably him.

I will give you one guess as to which one I was most attracted to.

It’s not that I didn’t try to like the preppy guy. I talked with him almost all night. But when we left the bar and my friend told me that white rapper #2 told her he thought I was “really pretty,” I shreaked like a little girl and forced her to “tell me every detail about your conversation.”

Clearly I’m exhibiting a disconnect between all I’ve learned in my years of dating and “the butterflies” that control my girlish tendencies.

The good news is, white rapper #1 and white rapper #2 gave us tickets to their show this coming Friday, so we can continue examining this internal discrepancy.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll hold back on my “I know what I’m looking for” repertoire and stare at these photos.


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2 Responses to “At least I know what I want…”

  1. Ed Says:

    “he said it was probably him.”

    You must be attracted to his honesty!

    Also their is a study that says male hormones are emitted through their funk.

    You might be under the spell of his manly funk.

    Will be waiting to hear what you’ve learned from your research. ;)

  2. Whitney Says:

    I bet if you spent more time with the two guys, you would eventually be more attracted to the preppy guy. But how do you spend more time with a bunch of random guys at a bar? You can’t date them all. Maybe you should try to project your future self onto the picture and see what she would say.

    At least we have Friday night!! (and yes, talked to husband and he is okay with me going off to see young, white boys rap…….)

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