The Dating Sabbatical

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
February 26, 2010

As expected, the move has been a little daunting, but I’m in my new place, I get internet access in two days and I’m ready to get blogging. I took this opportunity to take a little self-imposed dating sabbatical and during this time I’ve found that my approachable-ness has been a little hit and miss…

(Hit) My More-Than-a-Cup-of-Sugar Neighbor: I agreed to share a table with woman at Huckleberry Cafe, to make room for a couple that needed to sit outside with their dog – I figured it would be good karma for my new life in Santa Monica. As it happens, she is one of my new neighbors and apparently very friendly. So far she has invited me to an erotic art show, has offered to pull together my astrological star chart, and has commented on my blog posts under the pseudonym “They Only Ho You Need to Know.”

(Hit?) The Craigslist Guy: In an attempt to clean out the garage of my previous apartment, I listed my old Jeep’s Soft Top on Craigslist. I only received one “bite” from a weathered-looking, military man who appeared to be roughly twice my age. I sold him the top (woo hoo!) and then I mentioned to him that I would likely be selling my ‘09 Jeep in the near future and to let me know if he is interested. He was impressed with the car (naturally), and said “I’ll need to sleep on it, but would you like to get some dinner sometime?”

My reply may have sounded rudely surprised (since I thought that I was in my hard-nosed salesperson mode, not approachable, take-me-out-on-a-date mode), “you mean, like a date?!?”

He laughed and said, “Yes. Like a date.”

I told him that I wasn’t dating right now (which sounded lame, but as you can all attest to, is the truth).

(Miss) The Runaway: As I mentioned on the Facebook page earlier this week, SCE did not turn on my electricity on Monday like they said they would. Needless to say, I was disappointed to find myself standing in the middle of a very dark apartment, weighed-down with bags from Bed, Bath and Beyond at 10:30 PM that night.

Survival-mode kicked in. I took my phone to my car to start charging it and I walked down to the local bar to find a book of matches. Turns out the bar did not have matches, and so the bouncer tried to help me out by asking a guy exiting the bar if he had a book of matches. Before I could say, “that’s OK, I’ll go to the liquor store on the corner,” the guy handed me a book of matches from his breast-pocket and started crossing the street. Then he turned around and said to me, “I recognize you from [college], by the way.”

I was baffled and pleasantly surprised to be memorable to this cute, resourceful fellow alum, but I didn’t understand why he continued crossing the street. “Oh yeah?…” I waited for him redirect his steps and come chat with me. But he didn’t. Instead, he started running towards his car.

So, not only is this guy not approaching me, but he is actually running away from me. How is it that I get asked out by Craigslist Guy and be-friended by the Only Ho You Need to Know, yet the attractive, educated, Matchbook Guy with a good memory runs in the other direction after a brief teaser about our past history?

Let’s see…maybe he has a girlfriend and she really doesn’t like him talking to other girls. Maybe he just found out that his sister is in the hospital having a baby. OR (and I fear this may be it) maybe he remembers me from the time that I cracked my chin open while competing in a dance-circle “worm-off” at a fraternity event.

Not my finest hour.


2 Responses to “The Dating Sabbatical”

  1. sierra Says:

    Hey! Your brother (who I work with) said I might like your blog, and like it I did!! I spent a good portion of my slow morning reading it bottom to top and laughing like a crazy person alone in the kitchen. I love the way you write and your witty style. I thought it might seem too stalkerish if I left a comment on every single post I liked, so I’m just combining it all into one comment. The only sad thing now that I’m done reading is seeing that you don’t post all that frequently. Which is understandable, because dating is somewhat exhausting, but keep it up, I’m adding you to my bookmarks, I love it!!

  2. Single. Approachable. Girl. Says:

    Hi Sierra! So happy you’ve had fun reading the blog! I have a LOT of fun writing, but I agree with you, I need to post more frequently. Aside from a lack of dates sometimes, it’s not like every interaction with a guy results in blog post gold. Which is why I practically beg people to guest post. Send me one of your many funny stories (we all have them) and let’s get some posts up in this biatch!:)

    BTW – I love your blog as well. Great idea.

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