Note to self: Other people are important too

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
February 6, 2010


I am the baby of my family.

(I’m pretty sure I just heard all the first-sibling readers grumble “that figures” under their breath)

Well, as most people with youngest siblings know, the baby is typically the center of attention – which we love. And while it can be a lot of pressure to deliver a stellar “performance” at every family meal, I take my baby-sister role very seriously and often execute with gusto. I’m pretty sure my sister and brother are so used to this by now that they just sit there waiting for me to do/say something entertaining, outrageous or stupid. Or maybe they are sitting there praying that I won’t.

I’m realizing, however, that I have a tendency to get a little carried away and when you’re not around your older siblings, the “all attention on me” show can come off as embarrassingly self-centered.

For instance, on my last date with 1st eHarmony Date Guy, I sat down and instantly got into an excited monologue about my new apartment. I went on and on about the hardwood floors, cabinet space and jalousie windows (which are so cool, btw). He was a great audience and kept fantastic focus as I shared iPhone pictures of every last corner and went into excruciating detail about negotiating with the landlord and how I was justifying the expense, etc. etc. This show and tell went on for probably 20 minutes and looking back, I’m not positive that I gave him a chance to comment or even ask a question. It was just me and my apartment, and he was such a good sport.

When I finally stopped talking to take a breath and a drink of my bloody mary, he said, “So, my sister had her baby today!”

…God, I’m such a jerk.

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2 Responses to “Note to self: Other people are important too”

  1. Dan Says:

    It’s funny how after your other dates you comment on the weird things they said / did, but after your dates with this guy you’re totally self-conscious and apologetic. You’ve got a thing for him, don’t you? Don’t blow it :P

  2. Anita Says:

    Hey S.A.G,

    I absolutely loved your blog and reading it all.

    You won’t believe me, I started it around 1am and kept reading until it was 8 am , ‘coz it captured me so much. You’re funny, witty and your blog feels like talking to a girl friend about our own dating stories.

    Feel like I know you already, and I love ya !


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