Guest Post by SingleInTheCity: Blind Dates

Author: GuestBlogger
January 13, 2010


So, I am the notorious single friend in my group (in fact in all of the groups I hang out in) and it is never more apparent then when you get invited to brunch and are the 9th wheel. I’m used to being the 3rd, sometimes I am even okay with the 5th wheel but 9th – well that’s just embarrassing.

In any case, I’m sitting at brunch yesterday, enjoying a nice mimosa (or two – fine probably more like 4) and as I sit there listening to couple’s wedding stories, how we met stories, so on and so forth I start to get excited for this blind date that my friend has set me up on. My somewhat mimosa induced haze gets me to think, well maybe I could date this person. It’s true, I know nothing about him other than we went to the same law school and he is now a practicing lawyer (unlike myself), but I try to keep a sunny disposition.

So as we make our way out of brunch and towards the beer gardens…my thoughts are that it definitely can’t hurt to have a couple more cocktails before I have dinner with someone I barely know…so a couple beers later I meet my blind date at the beer gardens, have a drink and then head to dinner.

It’s so funny to see the kinds of people your friends set you up with, I definitely think there is a correlation between the person your friends set you up with and who they think you are. This guy was VERY VERY nice, but super quiet and not a very fun sense of humor – though I have to admit sitting across the dinner table with a half schnockered girl probably wasn’t the best situation for him.

In any case, I have not lost my faith in my friends and their choice of men for me, but I do have to say that drunk blind dates are pretty fun and I definitely recommend it for any of you who are in my single shoes.

(though thinking about it, this could be why I am still single…oops)


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