Guest Post by Sandiegal: Confused & Annoyed

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January 14, 2010

So I thought that I would share a GREAT story with you all:

So this younger guy/boy that I’ve been dating has been fun and a whole learning experience. But recently we had a AWKWARD encounter to say the least… here goes nothing:

So one night he waited for me to get off work and I picked him up and we went back to my house. No one was home, so when we get home I tell him that I have to shower. He says that he wants to join… fine, great, dandy! We get in the shower and immediately he says, “Ohhhh gosh…I have a boner, that’s awkward.” With a confused look on my face I reply, “no its not” and start kissing him and go for the rub and tug. HA! Its time to make our way to the bedroom and we get out, I say, “let’s go” and he says, “wait… I’m not dry yet.” At this point I’m just confused as to why he’s being so awkward.

We get to the bedroom and start making out and rolling around… (I have my iPod playing in the background) it’s time to get after it and he says, “wait… I need to get a condom” and here I am thinking, FUCK! just grab it, put it on and let’s do it, but NOOOOOOOO he needs to give me a play by play as to wtf he’s doing. So he tells me that he wants me to tell him what to do/how to do it… I say no.. and just grab his hips and try to guide him. Now at this point it wasn’t that bad of sex, but I’m annoyed that I have to hold his “hand” while doing this. NOW’s where it gets good: He starts SINGING to John Mayer playing in the background!!!!!!!!! Not just mouthing the words, but SINGING OUTLOUD! At this point I’m thinking to myself, What the FUCK did I get myself into? Is he really doing this? Moving on…


He can’t cum because of the condom and asks if he can come on my floor??? WTF? I said, “wait… what did you just say?” (I thought he asked to come on my forehead)… he corrects me and says he wants to come on my floor, I say NO. So he wants to rinse off in the shower… whatever, do it. Then BOOM I hear what sounds like thunder coming from the bathroom… He gets back to the room and I ask him what happened if he fell or what? He FELL in the shower, ripped the curtains and busted some of the curtain hooks! Oh geez! He’s embarrassed and I’m annoyed!

The next morning he leaves and I get in the shower to find what looks like a freak’n splooge spot on the back wall of the shower. I instantly think that he came in the shower to finish his business and BOOM PLEASURE SEIZURE!!! Slips and falls! I clean it off and its def the consistency of the boy’s junk.

SO now I have a stage 5 clinger b/c I don’t know how to get rid of him… HUMPH!

Confused and annoyed!


3 Responses to “Guest Post by Sandiegal: Confused & Annoyed”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Yikes. The singing part is what gets me the most. Even if I were having sex with John Mayer, I wouldn’t want him to sing his way through it.

  2. Stage 5 Clinger Says:

    Do you have a stage 5 clinger that you’re just finding it difficult to cut loose? Perhaps you want to celebrate your 2 year anniversary by moving in.

  3. Shay Says:

    isnt this brent corrigan????????

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