Props to Confusing-Name Guy

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
December 21, 2009

To prove to you that I’m not some jaded single girl that will always find something wrong with a date/dater, I’d like to give a quick shout-out to confusing-name guy for a great date on Saturday night.

This dater earned his nickname last weekend when we went on a pseudo-blind date to a concert – thanks to one of my flaky girlfriends who canceled at the last minute. I showed up for drinks before the concert and he was there with some friends. In short, I called him by the wrong name twice in the first 5 minutes (to be fair, it was close to his actual name, but still wrong). He actually had to correct me in front of his friends. It was one of those horrific “I am my mother’s child” moments.

Apparently, the incident did not stop him for asking me out for date #2. In fact, I have some friends who think that I “played it right” by showing him that he’s not important enough to me to remember his name. If only I were that sly.

So he picked me up on Saturday night and told me to bring socks. We were going to one of those trendy LA bowling alleys that has a full bar – smart. When we got to the bowling alley, he told the girl at the front desk that he had a reservation for 5:30. She looked up, smiled and said, “Oh, you’re the date.”


In that one statement from the teenager working the shoes at the bowling alley, I knew that he had not only researched where to take me on this date, but he had called ahead to make sure he would be able to get a lane before dinner. Having been on countless dates where the guys pick me up and ask, “So, what do you want to do?”, this detail pleased me.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I lost both games, which really can’t be my fault because they did not have any 9-lb balls available. I was forced to hurl the 8-lb ball – with very little control – or heave the 10-lb ball down the lane and watch it curve to the right due to my lack of arm strength.

When we got to the car to go to dinner, he pulled a single red rose from the trunk of his truck and told me it was my consolation prize for 2nd place. (cue the eye roll from the male readers). Think what you will, but this was a first for me – and I’ve had long-term boyfriends. There’s a reason buying a girl flowers is seemingly overused. It works.

Dinner and drinks were all good as well, but I’ll cut to the end of the date. He drove me back to my house and turned off the engine in my driveway. I immediately/foolishly assumed that he would try to pull a pretentious side-note guy and I questioned him: “oh, so you’re coming in?”

“No. I just figured I could walk you to your door.”

Another first.

Nice work, confusing-name guy.

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  1. WomenBeTrippin Says:

    Calling him “confusing name guy” seems to somehow blame him for a confusing name, when this story makes it seem like it’s your fault for not remembering his name. I wonder what he calls you on his blog.

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