eHarmony – Top 5 Profile Pics to Look Out For

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
December 15, 2009

So I’ve been keeping up with the eHarmony deal to see what it’s all about. I haven’t actually met up with anyone yet, but I’ve made it to “open communication” with this one guy and if I’m reading his witty banter correctly, he’s going to ask me to meet up in the next 2-3 days. I guess we’ll see if my dating ESP translates to eHarmony.

And BTW – I mentioned in my previous post that I’d been matched up with a co-worker and a friend of my x-boyfriend…well it happened again, but this time it was an x-dater, Friend-Zone Guy! Honestly…

So I’ve been keeping notes as I go and will share my findings with you. Today, let’s focus on profile picture selection. The following are the top five profile pics to look out for:

5. In a winery. A number of the guys I’ve been matched with have pictures of themselves, standing between rows of wine barrels. I’ve thought about it more than I probably should, and I think what this comes down to is that guys don’t have many pictures to chose from – shocking I know. Well, it’s not like every group of boys has a token “camera nazi” guy that sends around pictures from the day before via Picasa. So when a single guy is looking for pictures of himself, he’s choosing from pictures with his immediate family (not likely a first-pick) and pictures that his x-girlfriend took of him while on their trip to Santa Barbara wine country. Makes complete sense…”Here honey, go stand by the barrels to show how big they are.”

4. Wearing sunglasses in the one picture posted. What’s the deal? glass eye? If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I would be concerned about a guy that’s not willing to show them off.

3. Holding what looks like a black cat in a picture with the following caption: “I found this baby Chupacabra in the bushes in the Dominican Republic.” OK – maybe that is awesome? I’m torn.

2. The self-portrait iPhone pic in front of a mirror. I’m sure this goes back to what I was saying in #5, but I mean – you really have NO other pictures? No friend to take a photo? No cheek-to-cheek picture with an x-girlfriend that you can crop her out of? (which almost made the list, btw, but it’s still a step up from the mirror shot). These pictures just always seem so lonely – especially the one I came across where the guy is standing in front of the mirror in jeans and no shirt. Word to the wise – girls can tell when your flexing.

1. Questionable looking facial sore. Now, I’m not one to judge facial imperfections (especially after what I went through with the acne toucher), but all I’m saying is, you should probably avoid posting a picture of yourself on eHarmony with what could be mistaken for as herpes of the mouth. Even if it’s the best picture you’ve ever taken and it really shows your hilarious personality, at least touch it out of the picture…iPhoto must have an app for that.

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  2. Gus Says:


    Looks like we need to talk. Like lots of things guys do, you need to PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Make sure to check that all images have shadows and light sources going the right way. I have it on good authority that some guys (not me, of course) will Photoshop themselves into situations that make them look super duper.

    That tactic is worse than a picture taken by an ex-girlfriend. At least with the ex-girlfriend photo you’d know he once had a life. You may very well be looking at a composite image of a stock photo background (winery) and the guy (formerly standing with his buddy at the Barstow Pig Festival).

    These are treacherous waters. Try asking something specific about the picture as proof. For instance, you might ask Winery Guy what his favorite cab is? If he says,”the one that goes right to the Motel 6″ instead of, “The 1986 Estate Bottled Chateau Montelena”, you might want to question the authenticity of the image.

    Sometimes I fell like a traitor to my own kind,


  3. Gib Wallis Says:

    Our minds go in different directions.

    I see a pic of a winery and I think, “Maybe there’s an issue with alcoholism. Hmmm! Sounds like fun! A drunk who travels! And doesn’t drink Jägermeister!”

    But I think you’re missing the worst profile pic — when there’s a crowd of friends who all look fun and hot… except for one person. And that’s the person contacting you!

  4. Single In Atlanta Says:

    I totally just finished that like 3000 question survey for them to tell me they found no matches….lol.

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