Too Approachable?

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 21, 2009

A successful, Beverly Hills friend of mine invited me to a book signing at his house. nike air max tn 2016 It would be a win-win for the both of us, he would be selling another book for the author and I would be introduced to his successfull Beverly Hills friends – although I wasn’t sure if that would be true “win” for me. ugg slippers sale clearance (Incidentally, this is the same event that I met “LA Guy”)

The author was a university professor and mentor to my friend. air jordan 15 The lecture itself was pretty dry and it took all the energy I had after a long workday to look the author in the eye and nod politely to ensure I paid attention and did not fall asleep. asics soldes Which is funny, since during the book signing part of the evening, the author told me that he had purposely looked at me throughout the lecture because he could tell that I was really “getting it” since I was nodding my head.

I mentioned a few thoughts I had about his book (dangerous move, since I had not read it) and after a brief conversation he asked if I had a card. adidas ultra boost Since I had not brought them, he told me to send him an email. Since I’m notoriously bad at follow-up, I decided to make a real effort the next day and send an email to the author with a few additional thoughts.

In his reply, he wrote:

I loved your note, and attitude. Nike France Let’s so to a museum or something like that in the next few weeks, as part of our mutual effort to connect with LA. Adidas Zx Flux asics red Let me know if that sounds doable! I hope you like the book.

At first I didn’t think much of this, until everyone I mentioned it to insisted that this 70-year-old university professor/author had inappropriate intentions and likely wanted to sleep with me. ugg mens outlet I insisted that was crazy, but no one would agree with me that he was just being a nice, old teacher, looking to share some knowledge.

So as a test, I wrote back the following:

I think that would be fun and I’m tempted to invite our friend [the host of the book signing] to join us, in the spirit of the outing.

Over a month and I have not heard anything.

Apparently those kinds of relationships actually do happen. adidas superstar 2 femme So much so in LA that this grossly large (did I mention that?), twice my age older man actually thought I might sleep with him.

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