Pretentious side-note guy

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 18, 2009

“So my friend is currently in Brazil – which is amazing by the way – but when he gets back we’re going to go hiking in Joshua Tree.”

You see where this is going. adidas ultra boost 15 minutes later of him still talking…

“Whenever I’m in bookstores – and I’m always in bookstores – I see these women in their late twenties and thirties in the teenybopper aisle!”

First of all, don’t hate on the teenybopper aisle. adidas gazelle I’m sure I will be the next to join the “Twighlight” fan club and you gotta know that I get cranky when GG (AKA Gossip Girl) goes on a 5-week hiatus.

Secondly, I refuse to “bite” on pretentious side-notes. The entire 3-hour dinner date was filled with these little gems, but not once did I follow-up to ask, “So you’ve been to Brazil, what was that like? Was it during Carnival?” You just can’t let people get away with dropping “impressive” information about themselves randomly in conversation.


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