Glittering Kitty

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
November 30, 2009

Whether or not you play “the slots” in Vegas, I’m sure you’re aware of the overwhelming number of slot machines at any given casino – or the airport for that matter. And since each machine has it’s own theme, characters, songs, bonus rounds, etc., I’ll admit it’s hard to decide which one to play, but I was still surprised to see the following take place.

Picture this: you’re a middle-aged, macho-looking guy from the Midwest. You’re perusing the aisles of slot machines, holding a gambling voucher containing your last few dollars. It’s crucial that you pick the right penny-slot to win back the money you lost at the $5 black jack table with the large-breasted, life-sized video dealer. How to decide? There’s Deal or No Deal, Jaws, Gold Fish, Alpine Adventure, Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, Jackpot Party, Super Jackpot Party, Stampede Round-up – and on and on and on.

But WAIT! Just when you’ve giving up hope, you find the machine that calls to you and says, “I’m the one. I’m Kitty Glitter and I will turn your weekend around!” You take a seat, put down your Coors Light, insert your voucher and start spinning with great intensity and anticipation of “Extra Wild Symbols in the FREE Spin Bonus.”

Picture 5

OK, so maybe that’s not exactly what was going through this guy’s head when he sat down at this machine (maybe he just has a thing for Persian cats or Fancy Feast commercials), but that’s what I witnessed this weekend in Sin City.

Meanwhile – while I’m mocking his choice of penny-slot – this is probably some special machine that only really hard-core “slotters” know about. Maybe they’re at home writing posts for about that silly 20-something girl that insisted on playing the Time Machine slot because of its booming chair-installed speakers and elaborate video-bonus round, which ultimately presented her with a mere 40 credits (or 4 cents).

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