What comes first? The children or the 2nd date?

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 28, 2009

When I was in college, I visited a friend of mine at her sorority house and her roommate had a pair of baby shoes with little hearts on them hanging from her closet door. nike air max pas cher An odd thing to see in a sorority house, for sure.

When I inquired, she beamed, “My boyfriend gave those to me for valentines day. He said they are our baby’s first pair of shoes.”

They’d been dating for 2 years, but were not married, not pregnant, and had no actual baby plans in the near future…this is strange, right?

Well, I can now top it. Potentially two times over – as of one minute ago.

I went on a first date with Twice-Engaged Guy and mentioned in passing that I liked to sing. new balance mens His response was, “I’ve always wanted children that can sing.”

A joke, perhaps? I assumed so and laughed with him.Later on the date – while eating tacos at an outdoor taco stand – he asked, “So, what do you think our children will be like?” (In case your wondering, he has three children in mind)

Now, at this point I’m getting confused. oakley homme pas cher Does he have a shockingly-funny sense of humor? Does he think that this is something desperate women want to hear? Which would also mean, by the way, that he considers me desperate. asics shoes Or, is he seriously considering the talent-range of our children before we’ve completed date #1?

A “?” has been looming over me as I try to figure out how grey this guy’s grey area is. We’re married before meeting, have 3 kids during the 1st date…what’s next? Am I going to show up to a surprise 2nd date anniversary party with all my family and friends because he secretly stole the address book from my phone while I was in the bathroom??

So – fast forward to one minute ago (or however long it took me to write the above). air max 2016 I’m sitting at home on a Friday night with Indian delivery food – hey at least I’m not farming – and I post something on Facebook about my awesome “me” night. nike air max thea Within minutes I have a text message from Twice-Engaged Guy asking about my night and why he wasn’t invited. new balance 998 I repeat to him that tonight is my night.

He replies with the following text: “Lame! I still love u though”

(cue the speechless silence)

(cue the uncomfortable silence)

(Single. Approachable. asics shoes Girl. nike air max pas cher turns off her phone, gets up, checks the deadbolt on the front door and eases back onto the couch with her naan and Saag Alu)

Another one bites the dust.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    CREEPY!! I once had a guy tell me he loved me WAY TOO EARLY…we didn’t live in the same city or country for that matter, we hadn’t met yet and he told me he loved me over webcam…very weird…I’m embarrassed to say now that I still gave him a shot and dated him for a few months and met up a couple times. He wasn’t serial killer creepy…but still a bit off.

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