Uncomfortably Awkward. Older Man.

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 26, 2009

All week I’ve been looking forward to a pool party on the roof of the gym that I belong to. asics pas cher Considering that everyone at this pricey, but well-worth-it club is young, attractive and fit, I figured that going to a pool party would be the perfect chance to mingle while not profusely sweating.

To my disappointment, the party was not “members only” and therefore had turned into one of those unfortunate LA parties – older rich men, young women outfitted in bikini’s and platforms and those 20-something guys that “rock” the extremely premeditated outfits, hair cuts, tattoos, etc.

I didn’t stay long at the event, but I grabbed a drink and sat down to take it all in. asics uk That’s when I noticed this guy (pictured)Uncomfortably Awkward. Older Man.

Right before I took this picture with my handy camera phone, he was sitting on that white box, by himself in front of a group of girls (who you can see on the left side of the picture). adidas gazelle soldes He was not talking to them. chaussure adidas zx flux Just staring. Air Jordan 3 Clearly, he is not wearing swim trunks, but instead belted cargo pants, sneakers, a phone hip holster and…do you see that black band around his stomach?…oh yeah, that’s a fanny pack.

Now – I’m not really one to talk, considering that I was also sitting alone at the party. new balance 576 But at least I was appropriately dressed, within the age range of the party and pretending to look at my iPhone as though I were interacting with others via text message.

For a split second I wondered to myself what Uncomfortably Awkward. nike foamposite Older Man. was thinking…attending this young single’s party and awkwardly staring at the bikini beauties?

Just then I realized that he was walking over to my table. nike air max 2017 soldes He sat down.

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