Grammy’s Dating Rule

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
October 3, 2009

My 91-year-old grandma thinks that we have all got it wrong when it comes to dating. Air Jordan XX9 Apparently, when she was “playing the field” there was no such thing as dating exclusively. air jordan future achat As a young single person, it was essentially open season until a boy proposed. ray ban wayfarer bleu mat pas cher The engagement was the exclusive phase of dating, which would ultimately lead to marriage, or not. new balance 999 As a single person in 2009, this is a fascinating concept.

Grammy says that we are so silly for getting so serious so soon with these men (ok, boys). chaussures nike air max How can we expect ourselves to be discriminative in choosing a boyfriend, and potential husband, when we’re jumping into serious relationships with the first enjoyable guy that comes along and reciprocates our feelings? Man, Grammy is wise. Nike Femme I mean, if I had taken a truly partisan look at my last boyfriend before getting serious, would he really have been the one I chose?

While Grammy’s dating rule is undeniably brilliant, I’m not sure that society will allow me to play the field the way that she had. kobe Can you imagine the look on a guy’s face when I tell him that I’m not going to stop dating other guys until he puts a diamond ring on my finger? Darn you De Beers! Grammy’s philosophy worked a little better before getting engaged involved tens of thousands of dollars.

While I’m still contemplating how to make this plan a reality, there is one dating insight that she got me thinking about…

You see, when I’m interacting with boys and the situation is just friendly with no relationship pressure, I can be personable, fun, carefree, and even witty – on a good day. Nike Pour Homme But as soon as the situation gets more complicated (i.e. Nike Roshe Run soldes this could potentially be going somewhere more than friends) I change. new balance noir A switch flips and all of a sudden I’m awkward, unnecessarily chatty and even a little sweaty.

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