The B-Looking Girl

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
July 23, 2009

I recently met up with a good guy friend of mine. You gotta love him, and the fact that he always dates really hot, very put-together girls. Especially when throughout the dinner he was venting on how frustrating it is that his girlfriend of two years is so high-maintenance.

“She’s never appreciative” – he said. “It’s never enough” – he said.

He then continued to say…

“I should really date someone more like you. Someone from the mid-west…a girl who can do her hair in 10 minutes…I mean – I would date a B-looking girl. I would even date a C-looking girl.”

Three things:

1. That day it had taken me 15 minutes to do my hair.

2. Without meaning to, he validated the title of my blog.

3. While I know he meant it as a compliment, his comment got me thinking. I hope that he never dates a B or C-looking girl. Isn’t the whole point of dating someone the fact that they are an A in your eyes? He just may have to deal with the fact that his A-looking girl expects lavish trips, gifts and events. (insert sly smiley-face)


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