Private Party Crasher

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
July 27, 2009

I’ve been going through a bit of a truly “single” stage in that I’ve been wanting to do things on my own – going to movies, art shows, restaurants, and I even auditioned for American Idol for fun. This is partly circumstantial, in that almost all of my girlfriends have boyfriends. But, it is also partly experimental. I find that I meet more new people when I’m alone. The question is, do I come off as independent? Or just a loner? Either way, I tend to find the situation pretty liberating.

Recently I found myself on an accidental “single date.” My cute male neighbors invited me to meet them at a bar. I had just finished dinner with some friends and so I had them drop me off. The bouncer told me that it was a private party that night. I answered that I must be part of this private party because friends had invited me to come (which I genuinely thought was true, but I now know is a great way to get into a private party). He let me in and after a quick hot lap around the bar I realized my friends were not there.

Apparently they had made a pit stop for sushi and wouldn’t be there for a while. So there I was, crashing a private party by myself where everyone knew each other and no one knew me. I walked outside and came clean to the bouncer – figuring that I would simply go home.

His reply was, “well you’re in now, might as well have fun.”

I decided he was right. I walked back inside, ordered a dirty martini, walked up to the first guys that I saw and said, “So…who’s this party for anyways?”

The next Friday, I had a date with an orthodontist.

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