The Texter

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
June 22, 2009

There are some that believe texting has no role in dating. I am not one of those people. I think that texting with a potential dater can be fun, sexy and can take the place of some awkward or unnecessary phone conversations. That said, there are no rules when it comes to “Dater Texting” and that became clear to me last week.

I had met this guy in San Francisco on my birthday and as it turned out, we are both from LA. By the time I met him, I had had one too many birthday drinks and I was being very…”approachable.” I knew off the bat that he was not my type. Two years younger, too pretty and too “fresh out of the small-town” life.

The next say, I received text #1: “Feeling better?”

My friends advised me not to answer. “If you’re not interested in him, do NOT answer that text. He’ll get the hint.”

Eight hours later, text #2: “…Hey maybe meet up this wkend? If not in LA?” – Again, I was strongly advised to ignore.

Three days later, text #3: “Hey! I was hoping we could maybe get together this wkend. I will call u later this week.” – I stayed true to the plan and did not reply, even though I felt borderline rude. My friend’s were rather convincing that there must be something wrong with him if two ignored texts are not a big enough hint.

Two days later, text #4: “Party in brentwood 2morrow night. Don’t reply if you want to go.”

My conscience, and his unexpected sense of humor got the better of me. I replied: “Ok, ok. That was funny. I do appreciate your persistence, but I’m not sure about meeting up. This weekend is not good for me.”

His answer, text #5: “Ha! Ok. I just wanted a response” – Hmmm, did he get the hint?

No. One hour later text #6: “U don’t want to meet up this weekend or at all?”


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