March Madness

Author: Single. Approachable. Girl.
April 6, 2009

I recently had 3 dates in 3 days with 3 different boys. The situation happened randomly, but proved itself to be good “field research.”

1st: 3 dates in 3 days is exhausting. I mean, consider the prep work leading up to a date; hair, make-up, outfit, shaving(?). Couple that with having to be “on” for 3 days in a row and now add a dollop of having to actually remember which stories you’ve told to which guy. I actually started prefacing stories, “I think I may have told you this, so stop me if I have…” It’s a lot, and by day 3 I was ready to call it quits…but then I wouldn’t have been able to say I had 3 dates in 3 days, so I pulled through.

2nd: Kissing 3 different boys in 3 days takes skill – which I likely didn’t have. I wasn’t sure that I would go as far as to kiss each of the boys, but along the way I decided that it was for the good of the research. The take-away: boys kiss very differently. This is not a true “ah ha” moment, I realize, but since typically there is significant time in between kissing different boys, when you kiss them back-to-back-to-back, you realize drastic differences. On top of that, you have to adjust, on demand, to each of the different kissing styles because clearly you want to be considered a good kisser. Agility is a must.

3rd: Not everyone can make it to the next round – or weekend, as it may be. Sometimes, this takes care of itself when a guy simply doesn’t follow-up on his “I’d like to hang out again” suggestion. But, when the next invitation presents itself and you’re not super pumped, you need to figure out how to vote them off the program.

You can be like Paula and offer positive feedback and false hope until someone else breaks the news, or Randy, who uses nicknames and impartial statements to soften the blow. Or, of course there is Simon. Now, I’ve spoken to non-dater boys about this and by and large, they tell me the same thing. They want a Simon answer: honest, right to the point, and little explanation.

My first successful decline was via text message after one of the guys texted me and asked if he could make me dinner sometime. A dinner date at his house for a second date seemed a bit intimate, so I replied, “That sounds nice, but to be honest, a little too serious for me right now.” He responded faster than I thought technologically possible with, “No worries. Take care.” It was quick, painless (right?) and I didn’t have to do it face-to-face at his house, over chicken piccata.

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